Chicken Soup for the Spine

I gave Madelene a blanket and pillow and threw her on the couch last night. I didn't want her to go through a night of horrific blood curdling screams from all the pain I'm experiencing, especially that I can no longer take pain meds. I would have taken the couch myself, but I lock up every time I lay down on it.  She's been having a rough go of it at work and super stressed out, so she needed her sleep more than I did at this point. Why torture her by letting her sleep in the same bed with me? My dog had no problem taking up the rest of the unused portion of the bed. With each scream of pain, Lola looked up at me, sniffed my face and then gave me a lick. It was like I had a K9 nurse taking care of me, well, a very short legged, long-bodied one with chronic halitosis, but nonetheless. I woke up this morning, enjoyed a cup of coffee out on the deck and finally had some relief from the night's agonizing pain. I went to physical therapy last night and it helped a lot, but I have a long ways to go. This beautiful morning mocked the way I felt, but in some small way, I felt better having the sun on my face, coffee in hand and the tiniest relief from all the suffering I've been through. It's the small things that are sometimes our biggest blessings. 

I'm staying with my mom today. She's making me Paleo chicken soup. She knows how serious I am about what I throw into my system and she is so sweet for even offering a huge vat of her homemade soup, and catering it to my liking. Usually it is packed with delicious cheese tortellinis and rice. She's making it with just chicken (a ton of it) and a lot of carrots and other mixed veggies. I'm excited! I bought a blouse about three months ago and never tried it on. When I got home, it didn't even button up. I wore it yesterday and it looked like I was wearing two sizes too large. I'm finally fitting into my old clothes again, which umm, are out of style by now. (Time for a shopping spree!) The scale is dropping - one more pound which brings me a total of 17 lbs lost, so I am hoping that the pain lessens with each pound lost. I really do believe it counts. For now, I'm just praying for a pain free day and some good ol' chicken soup for the soul, body and mind. 

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