Rosie O'Donnell's Fiancée Struggles With a Cancer-Like Diagnosis

Rosie O'Donnell postponed her wedding with her fiancée, Michelle Rounds who is battling with a cancer-like diagnosis.  She posted a poem on her blog that described her journey about how this rare disease took a hold of their future plans.

" was a honeymoon before the wedding pure bliss we laughed loved listened "then blink – it begins on mothers day morning pain that won’t let up "we wander thru the maze of medical mystery confused – scared mish gets even smaller i get even bigger – sugar my solace..."

Michelle Rounds had surgery and is said to be recovering slowly. My heart goes out to Rosie and Michelle. There is nothing more difficult than watching someone you love in agony over a vicious disease that takes so many lives every single day. The last few days of my father's life was brutal. Not even three weeks ago, I watched Dad suffer so badly, that the worst part of it all was his agonizing pain and the inability to keep food, water or even medication down.

I pray that Michelle has a wind of change - a turnout for the best where her health, her immunity and inner strength kicks this disease once and for all. Sometimes we lose faith in whatever it is we believe in when things don't turn out the way we planned them to be. Life is funny that way - the least expected can strike at any given moment. It's then when you have to become the strongest person you ever knew - you - Rosie - to be strong and keep instilling faith, hope and love as the both of you go through this challenging time together.

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