Calling all LGBT Peeps!

The time has come where we are approaching out big project - our documentary about stereotypes and labels, and how it affects many of us. This film will show how unique each individual is, regardless of gender, orientation or religion. We're trying to grab our audience's attention and trying to show them that being transgender has nothing to do with sexual orientation. We're trying to bust the myth that all bisexuals are polyamorous. We are seeking one bisexual male or female who is strictly monogamous with whoever they are with. We're also seeking a feminine lesbian who gets comments such as, "Oh she's not a 'real' lesbian", just because she's a girly girl. We have gay ministers as well as guest star appearances which is going to make it that much more fun! So if this describes you - please email me at ... We'll be leaving this Thursday for Provincetown, MA do start out project, as well as enjoy our anniversary.  You will all be missed, but we leave you with a video, and a very bizarre blooper reel at the end of our little clip.