If my mom had a computer, I’m sure she would be the nosiest person on Facbeook. She’d be emailing one of my sisters or myself with information regarding someone’s photo or asking questions about ‘you know who’. God only knows who would be the ‘you know who’ list. She’d insist I was having a hot affair with one of my male friends, just because I gave him a “hug” on his birthday. “Well you just don’t do that, it’s not appropriate.” And that’s that. She’d be on top of my statuses, letting everyone know what I’m doing at what particular time...and so on. My questions were answered when I wondered about if she would ever consider Twitter to be on her list of things to do, if she had a computer of her own.

The other night I went to my sister Dawn’s house while my parents were there. While we were sitting around the table talking, my mom casually scoots over and asks me in all seriousness:

“What’s this tittles I hear about?”
“Tittles. Everybody’s talking about it. You know - (and she slows her whisper and then empathizes on the word) --T*I*T*T*L*E*S-- What is it?”

I gave her a blank stare and thought for a moment... And then it hit me:

“You mean, TWITTER?”

I had to explain this to someone who has no inkling about any type of networking sites or even the internet alone. I know many of you who read me already know her lingos. Let me put this one on my list...

Internet = intercom
Laptop = blacktop
Text messaging = tex’ mexing’
Google = Goggle

And now, Twitter = Tittles.