Politically Incorrect?

Long ago in the world of G Dubbya’ beginnings, Madelene and myself signed up to be registered Republicans. For some, it’s just as bad as calling ourselves, “Christian lesbians”. In fact, there are many other gay and lesbian couples out there like us. People think it’s a total contradiction, however we feel that our views and our beliefs are more geared towards putting God first and voting for a president who will help us in the full scope of things, even if we lose “our rights” here on earth, because life on earth is so temporary. We’ve always felt that are bigger issues beyond gay rights. Would we love to have that changed? Of course, but our main concern is on a much bigger scale other than focusing in on gay marriages alone.

This year, for the first time, New York is recognizing gay marriages. We’re getting married in MA that has now legalized it, which is great, but even if it wasn’t legal, there are other things that save our rights like power of attorney and beneficiary papers. This is the main concern for many gay and lesbian couples. They want to feel safe knowing that their assets will be in tact in case anything happens to one or the other. Recently, I’ve just found out that being legalized as a “married couple” will incur some penalties for us. You straight folks have it hard! I’m marrying my partner of 15 years because I love her and want to spend every single minute of the rest of my life with my best friend. I’d marry her regardless if it were legal or not. It’s about the ceremonial part of it and symbolism of picking my life partner and sharing with our family and friends.

I’ve been teeter-tottering between Democratic and Republican views within the past few years. I was more of a moderate. I can’t help but to feel secure with a president who has more experience, more of an abundance of consistency with his faith in God, his determination to fight against terrorism and not be so blasé about war and a candidate who has an incredible back up for a vise president. I admit, Bush has possibly made every mistake in the book, but my confidence resides on one man and one woman who can do the job without a doubt in my mind.

Pro-choice or pro-life? I will say this: in 1974, my mother found out she was pregnant. She already had 3 daughters. Seven years later after having 3 children, she went to the doctor and was informed that she was pregnant. She had no clue. I was an “oops”. My mother had a choice and I’m happy to report the choice she made. She chose life. God gave us “choice”, and with that, I do believe that a woman should have a choice, however in my heart I am pro-life. I do believe in cases such as rape, molestation and incest, that choice should be an option---in only those circumstances. I do believe that life starts at the time of conception. Madelene’s mom was 16 when she had her. I’m glad she choice life, or I wouldn’t have such a wonderful partner right now. Madelene and I went through traumatic births. I was breech and my mother and I weren’t supposed to make it out alive. Madelene was more than 3 months premature and also wasn’t expected to make it out alive. She was the size of the palm of your hand.

Although I love the idea of beautiful promises and “change” for our country, I can’t go by words alone. I need someone to put action behind their words for presidency and even in my own personal experiences in relationships with people. Words are nothing without action. Love is nothing without action. Faith is nothing without action.

What are your views?