Love Is Love

There are many who are having their own psychological warpath to insanity through their extreme religious views and the maximum about of judgment passed onto other people. I recently just read something really saddening. A blogger stated that he was “pleased” with this article, demonstrating that The Kentucky Court of Appeals strongly rebuked an activist lower family court for allowing a lesbian woman to illegally adopt her female companion's child, in clear violation of both Kentucky law and the Kentucky state constitution. This blogger said it was “good news”.

The article also mentions this: “…The higher court reaffirmed that in Kentucky, stepparent adoptions are only legal when the stepparent is married to a biological parent. The court also reaffirmed that marriage can only exist between one man and one woman. These state laws ban adoption by homosexuals because the best interest of children is served by placing them in homes with a mom and a dad or where there is a likelihood of a mom and a dad. A homosexual home automatically excludes one gender, either the mom or the dad.”
How sad to think that a gay or lesbian couple’s child can be taken away if the biological parent God forbid passes on. The other family (if they were the type) could take full custody and leave the “real parent” having to say goodbye to his or her child.

My partner and I may have a child within the next couple of years. My donor will be her brother who looks exactly like her. My family would never be the type to remove my child from Madelene, God forbid something should happen to me, but to think that it “could” happen is just an awful thought. I’d want my child to be with his or her mother----even if Madelene isn’t the biological parent. She is the mother who raised our child-- the “real mother”.

Just like heterosexual adoptions through any circumstances: the person who raises the child is the “real parent”. Just because it’s not biological doesn’t mean the person raising the child is a bad parent. I find that logic irrational and ignorant. What about people who adopt children and treat them horribly? The state would feel that it would be better to keep the child in that household as long as it’s a heterosexual couple, instead of placing them inside a home with a loving homosexual couple. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Through religious blindness, these children are being ripped off from having a happy life with people who have the ability to give them a loving atmosphere where they would be taken care of, regardless of sexual orientation or biological factors.

Love is love.