Prescription: Laughter

It’s that time of the year again where I’m hesitant to touch any doorknob with my hand, or read any magazine that’s in my doctor's office. This is a job for Purell. Flu shots will be available soon, and out the door I go to get myself immune to whatever lurks outside my surroundings, trying to keep me in bed. Hmm. Maybe that’s not such a bad idea. But the thought of getting sick is just traumatizing for me. I become a huge needy baby. My girlfriend becomes this stressed out, worn out, been there & done it type of nurse. That poor girl has her hands full!

The other night Amy and I went out to the bar. We drank a few drafts and then headed out to the diner to sober up. Amy gave me the fit of the giggles so bad, that I had to run into the ladies’ room to get my composure. I walked back out, sat down in my booth and tried to remain calm. Didn’t work. I start chuckling all over again. An older lady who was all alone came up to us. “I don’t mean to bother you, but your laughter made me giggle. It’s nice seeing two people laugh like that…” We felt bad for her, because she sat all by herself and walked out on her own into her little car. It silenced us for a bit, but we both wondered who she was going home to, or if she had anybody to share laughs with in life.

Now with the weather starting to brisk up again and the days are getting shorter, I feel a little depression cycle coming over me. I’m lucky to have friends and family who keep me laughing. It’s so healthy to just lose control over laughter. Don’t worry who’s looking…they’re probably wishing they were laughing with you...(or at you in some cases!) But, it’s so incredibly beneficial to have a good belly laugh once in a while---or everyday if you can.

Last night, I stayed up a bit late to watch the Monday Night Headlines on Jay Leno. Let me tell you—if you haven’t seen this segment on his show, it is the funniest thing on earth! I laughed so hard, I was crying! Maybe my sense of humor is warped, but these demented signs and articles that are either done incorrectly or misspelled are hilarious.

Please watch this if you want to laugh uncontrollably! This is why I love Monday nights.