Cows Mad Over E-Coli!!!

We’re down to nuts and berries folks! Okay, so last month is was the big ole spinach recall. One person died and two hundred people got sick. Fine. It’s over with—it’s off the shelves. Now in the news, beef gets recalled. No ground beef! No burgers! No steaks! Get them off your grill! Okay, so we’ll stick to chicken, fish and salads.

Nothing’s safe. I walked through the grocery store yesterday with Amy trying to find something good to eat for dinner. She wanted to get rice milk. Come on! Get the real stuff. Maybe I should have taken her advice hearing that milk can now have the same strain of e-coli bacteria. What is going on with our food and beverages? Our cows are pissed off!

Salad recall again! Green leafy salad was recalled and said it was from the irrigation water. It’s spreading the same e-coli bacteria. It was also reported that the juice from canned carrots was contaminated. Who drinks the juice of canned carrots? Who even likes canned carrots? A woman in Florida got paralyzed from the carrot juice, and three people in Georgia got respiratory failure from it.

I’ve had enough! Next time you see me, I’ll be in your local bar preparing you a delicious carrot juice martini and a big plate of filet mignon and a green leafy salad. Of course, I’ll serve carrots on the side.

Bon appetit!