Thursday, September 18, 2008

Great Lengths to Befriend a Neighbor

What a faker! Usually on Friday mornings, I’ll go outside on my deck with a strong cup of coffee before I start working. I always need a little ‘deep thought time’ while garbage trucks rumble throughout the neighborhood and delivery vans are continuously backing up, “beep beep beep beep” never moving forward, so it seems. Sometimes if I am asked to do a certain article about a particular subject that takes a little more meditating time or requires much more brain cells than I can possibly muster up; I can only hope that God comes down from heaven and zaps me with an epiphany or two. So I sit outside on my deck overlooking the next building, watching the people scatter to their cars to head off to work and leisurely people walking their dogs without a care in the world, hoping that my juices start flowing.

Back to the faker… There’s this guy that lives across the way who sits outside and works on his laptop. It’s a gorgeous morning and the sun is shining bright. Who the hell could see anything on their laptop while sitting outside in the sun? You cannot see a damn thing! I’ve tried!

He’s faking.

I’ve just recently noticed his little appearances lately. I’m out there all the time, weather permitting. I can only use my laptop outside around dusk or at night, where I can actually read what’s on the screen. Occasionally he’ll be outside talking on the phone and pacing back and forth on his little deck. He sees me. I see him. Eventually, it becomes one of those, ‘he’ll be out there’ type of intuitions, so subconsciously, I sort of put on a nicer sweater or something more “presentable” because I now have an audience, or so I think…? In my head I say, “Naw, it’s just a coincidence that he’s out there the same time every morning lately.”

Until today.

I saw his head lift up from his laptop. It appeared to be that he was looking over my way. I can only guess. For the love of God I’m not gonna run into my apartment to get my binoculars to know for sure. That would be kinda’ creepy on my part. So I sat and pretended as though he was looking at something else.

“Cool out, huh?”

I looked up. It was him talking. Was he talking to me? I did one of those, 'you talking to me' motions, and he nodded and said, “Yeah, cool out, right?” We’re both sitting outside in 55 degree weather basking in the sun trying to get warm. I have this oversized hoodie on while he’s out there in a white t-shirt and sweats. See, he has the excuse of a laptop to continue sitting out there, but for me, I only have my cup of coffee and a blank look.

“Yep- it feels like fall!” I tried to appease him, took a sip of my coffee and wiggled out of my chair to head inside. Nothing is worse than weather talk. Then he catches me…
“I hear the winters here are brutal.”

Now I have to continue weather jabber from across. the. street. We’re practically yelling at one another about the weather.

“It’s not too bad. They’re really good with plowing around here and we’re right in the middle of everything anyway.”

He explained he recently moved here from Kenya and was trying to adjust to his new surroundings. The conversation even led into why he moved here. He explained to me that he’s a writer and got an offer from a major company/magazine located in Manhattan. He goes in 3-4 times per week and then works from home on Fridays, which is why he’s out there during “my time”. The neighborhood suddenly simmered down as though they were trying to hear us talk. We continued on chatting, no longer trying to talk over the heavy machinery and the continuous loud beeping.

He’s also trying to get his partner (boyfriend) a visa here in the U.S., which is very difficult. I was surprised he divulged that information so openly to me ...and so soon. We have yet another thing in common: we’re both gay. I felt more at ease because he was just a guy trying to make innocent friendly conversation. My heart went out to him because he’s been here for 6 months and hasn’t seen his boyfriend since. His partner is coming here on a temporary visa this coming November. They’ve been together for 18 years.

After an hour of chatting, I had to ask him…

“Can you see anything on that laptop?”

He smiled and replied, “Not really... Isn’t your coffee cold by now?”

I’ve made a new friend.


Tim said...

Deb, I love your Friday stories! At first I kept waiting for you to tell us that he rolled out on the deck in a wheelchair and a pair of binoculars..ha ha (a wee Hitchcock like)

Enjoy the weekend, enjoy talking to your new friend and just plain enjoy!

~Deb said...

Tim---you just gave me the case of the giggles with that comment! I never even thought about my absolute favorite all time movie! Thanks, Tim!

Grant said...

I think the bear sounds like a more interesting neighbor. Maybe you should set a martini out for him.

~Deb said...

For who, the bear or my neighbor?

BBC said...


That will get your pants pulled down and your ass spanked, assuming I don't lose my train of thought.


I already told you, if you want me to behave you need to take your bra off. :-)

So you are an author hey? Just what kind of insanities are you writing to add to the cesspool here?

We can always use some more fiction that others take up as the truth. That helps speed up the path to our destruction, may as well get it up to light speed and get it over with.

Overcast and 55 degrees this morning, I guess fall is here now.

BBC said...

It all started with all the fiction in the bibles you know. Well, before that, but they sure didn't help, have not helped, will not help.

~Deb said...

You trying to 'weather chat' me, WILLIAM?

BBC said...

Hey, what's wrong with a little friendly chatting about the weather?

I can only hope that God comes down from heaven and zaps me with an epiphany or two.

Deb, this is God, remove your bra.

~Deb said...

Who said I'm wearing a bra?

SJ said...

I kind of tried to visualize someone being zapped by epiphanies. Funny.

I like how wrote this like a good story with the good twist at the end.

~Deb said...

SJ: It's the only way I'm gonna get them! Thanks! :) He was sweet enough to write about.

Tim said...

The only zapping I am going to get will be like the minister got in Caddyshack! Anyone for a round of golf in the rain???

Jess said...

Oh! SO much better than our neighbors! We have punky-stay-up-all-night-and-party college freshmen above us. (they just got a new set of drums, btw) and some creapy dude named Greg across from us. He never shuts up.

I like your neighbor better!

kathi said...

That's so cool, gave me one of those big ole' "awwwwwwwwwww" moments.

Carletta said...

Hi Deb,
Thanks for stopping by my Sky Watch post today.
Cool blog.

~Just Me~ said...

I think its always a good thing when we get along with neighbors. I live in a townhouse type condo, and my immediate neighbors are great, then a lil ways down the drama begins...I stay our of it.

Neers said...

Deb, this is super cute!! you guys could make a foursome (no pun intended) and travel far n wide! :)

~Deb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~Deb said...

Tim: Where are you that it was raining???

Jess: Wait---didn’t you once say that you had the best neighbors who came over all the time? I would die if I had young partiers next door---I totally feel for ya!

Kathi: Awww, well it was just odd that we were both out there ‘not minding’ a little conversation. He’s a doll!

Carletta: Great blog you have! I enjoyed reading it!

Just me: I have a bit of drama happening occasionally with the neighbors below me too. They’re a cute young couple and just starting out. It happens!

Neers: I definitely want to introduce him to my partner. He’s very well educated and really sweet. It would be nice to hang out with a male gay couple, which I haven’t had the opportunity to do since we live in a heterosexual dominated community. It was nice to see a little familiarity around the neighborhood.
Thanks, Neers!

Nichole said...

You always have the most interesting and thoughtful stories to tell. I love it.

BBC said...

"Who said I'm wearing a bra?"

Stop beating around the bush. Women, argh !!!

~Deb said...

Thanks, Nichole!

Billy Boy: BEHAVE!

DaBich said...

I love this story! It's great your neighbor has a great sense of humor.

Jess said...

Hummm, don't remember those neighbors...but we do, however, have people that come over all the time...just aren't our neighbors.

We were out of town last weekend and we got a call from our cop friend who said that the po-po had just been sent to our house...apparently the upstairs neighbors were having a big shin-dig and totally got busted for it. Haven't heard much from them since! YAY!