Do You Think Children Should Be Allowed to Transition Before Puberty?

The other day, I read an article in the LGBTQ Nation about this adorable little 9 year old girl named, Keat from central Ohio. She was physically born as a boy as, "Keith Rows" and her mother, Emily was more than accepting -- which should be a good thing. As she let Keat transition from boy to girl, she also let her attend the same school. The mother announced on Facebook that Keith transitioned to "Keat" and his gender is now female. Keat transitioned in front of her classmates' eyes, leaving her to be bullied and even ridiculed by the other parents via social media.  Keat's mom, Emily was tormented and even accused of "child abuse" from some of the other parents. Here's the thing: I think Keat is such a beautiful little 'girl' with so much going for her. She has a mom who is so supportive, which says a lot about how much love is there. My two cents on this is just that I feel Keat is way too young for this huge transition. When I was her age, I also wanted to be the opposite gender. I even begged people to call me "David". (Don't ask.) I dressed like a boy, acted like a boy and liked all the little girls. But that has nothing to do with gender identity. I rode motorcycles and only liked boy type of activities. I didn't want to live a life as a girl. I wanted to be a boy/man who eventually married a woman. I wanted all the parts that went with this big 'pipe' dream. It was then I reached the age of thirteen. I started liking girl clothes and even doing my hair much more feminine, growing it out and keeping up with the styles. I started wearing makeup. I loved it. I was growing up and realizing what I truly wanted. I don't think Keat had a chance to grow up, mature, or even go through puberty to understand what she really wants to be. I'm not saying it's a choice, I'm just saying for me, I personally changed my mind after puberty. Here are some pictures of myself as young as Keat, and the very last one is when I was thirteen - the time I chose to be a girl. I'm only adding my personal story and photos because I can relate 100% to this. I just hope Keat's mom reads this and sees that sometimes children make bad decisions. I would have regretted transitioning.
6 years old
8 years old
10 years old

This was me at the age of 13 years old.
Gripe #2: Emily LeVan should have let her 'daughter' transition in private or in another school, not where her peers already knew 'her'. I also think it was a brazen step to 'out' her daughter via Facebook. The bullying is going to be inevitable. I can even see why the other parents are having their share at the attacks --- but it's more about the mother's choice of letting her 'daughter' transition. It's just way too early! I have a friend whose son was transitioning. He let his son do this in between high school and college. It was really not enough time for "major" results, but enough time to walk into college as a woman. He was very feminine as a boy to begin with. That I can understand. Even Keat, as young as she is, the mother should have done this during the summer and transferred her to another school to avoid the obvious. Is it "child abuse" as some of the other parents claim it is? Indirectly it can be seen as that because if Keat decides to change her mind and be a boy again, that's going to be a much more difficult journey in my opinion. I just hope that this is really what Keat wants and that the bullying stops. The situation is sad, unfortunate and very controversial due to her age. I'm hoping Keat is much more comfortable being who she is, being who she always dreamed to be. It's sad that there are so many judgmental people out in this world, and the mother should have taken that into consideration and perhaps waited. But then again, this is only my opinion straight from the peanut gallery.

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