The Unforgiving Disease: Regret

If you think you're not doing anything "wrong", then you're not. Right and wrong differs from person to person, as well as looking at it through religious and spiritual (moral) standpoints. If someone thinks you're being selfish and you disagree, then you're not selfish. Maybe that person wants or needs more from you and you can only give so much. Maybe you see the world in a much different (perhaps in a skewed) way. And maybe, just maybe, you don't realize you're being selfish to the majority of people around you.  That's okay though. You are who you are. If those people are unhappy with who you are and what you do and what you don't do, then they can simply just leave your life. But what about when it's all said and done, years go by and regret finally sinks in? You start getting the, 'I shoulda' coulda' woulda' syndrome' and there's nothing you can really do about it to make it better again. Maybe you can apologize or talk to whoever to release all that regret and make amends with that person. What if that person is no longer here though? Regret is an unforgiving disease that usually develops over time...usually when it's much too late. It spreads and ferments into your bones like terminal cancer, eating up every particle that you're made up of. "But it's my life and I can do what I want!" And that's so very true. After time, is the life you "wanted" worth it if all you ever thought about was yourself? This world is a give and take kinda place, and the universe has ways of either rewarding you tenfold or simply giving back what you put into it when "it was your life". I'm not even talking about materialistic or monetary things. I'm referring to loving others as you would yourself; treating others as you would yourself. Yes, the golden rule. But it doesn't have to be applied if that's not your rule to stand by, besides, it's "your life". It can simply wait and fester over time until you finally 'get it'. That's how the world works. The universe always brings back whatever you put into it. Maybe it might not be your "type" of reward, but its value is the same, if not more. Then again, maybe you just don't 'get it'.

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