Paper Trail

Never be mean to the wait staff. 
For the most part, I'd like to think that I'm not so much judgmental as I am careful of who I select to be in my world. I don't care what color, race, gender or sexual orientation you are --- I go by my judge of character alone. I'm not perfect. I'm not trying to be. I never criticize unless it becomes obvious.  I observe. For example: if I see you being mean to the wait staff, I'll call you out on it and I'll avoid you at all costs and hope to God that the waiter or waitress spits in your food you brought back. If I see you intentionally hurting or using someone who is a good person, I'll steer clear. If I sense you're out to just use anyone who will just spend a moment's time with you just because you're bored, your invite will be declined. There are two sets of people: those who gain friends by hurting others and those who gain friends from being genuine friends. No doubt, people love to gossip and gain an 'inner knowledge' of whoever and whatever --- but at what cost? When do you start selling your soul to the gossip gods? Judge Judy makes a good point. She always says, "Once you lie to me, your credibility is always in question." The sad fact is -- liars never change. I remember years ago in high school a friend of mind used to lie about everything under the sun. We just chucked it up to her eagerness to beg for attention with a 'good story', but as we got older and some of us maturer, the same girl lied about something very significant. She begged that she has changed her ways and that she wasn't the same person she was back then. When I called her out on her bullshit and showed her proof of her lie, she squirmed like a snake and made the most magnificent twists and turns to get out of what she had claimed was once true. Once lied to, especially as an adult, everything out of your mouth becomes utter bullshit.

But I digress. I actually feel bad for these people. I feel bad for a number of people who are out roaming the world looking for their next victim to lie to, or to use for their own agenda and gain. That has to be an exhausting life to live: a life lived by lies and deception alone. Nothing is genuine. Nothing is concrete. They float through circle of friends hoping to find the next gullible takers to believe their mantra. Once found out, they head off to the next prey. Some people are such bullshit artists that they move from state to state just to regain a "new life".  The "new" people have no clue about their emotional unstableness, until their madness rears its ugly head. Time to move. When it hits the 50th time, I'm sure another language should be learned. The unsettled traveler just keeps moving along until they're bored or figured out. I know there are "true travelers" and adventurers out there, but there's a huge difference in an unsettled person and a person who just loves to see the world. You can pinpoint which is which. The unsettled traveler keeps running and running from their paper trail of lies.

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