My New Favorite Place: Greenport, NY

I'm back! Not sure if I'm relaxed or more amped to go traveling again, but our trip was extremely peaceful and very much needed. We stayed over at Greenport, NY in the North Fork by the Hamptons. I've stayed numerous times at the Hamptons which was absolutely gorgeous, but I had more fun in Greenport just because of the energetic 'vibe' itself. It has tons of wineries and farm markets, not to mention fun little shops, restaurants on the harbor -- anything you could ask for was here. I like a town to be a bit on the fun side with time to wind down in a house right on the ocean. We stayed on the bay area which I have never done before, except for Provincetown, MA. We even found ourselves accidentally on the set of HBO's "Girls". Madelene said, "Oh look, they're having some kind of buffet here." I looked around, there were camera crews and equipment all over. "No, Mad. That's for the cast and their crew." Anyway, we trekked over to all the clam bars and restaurants. They catch and harvest their own seafood. I can't even tell you how fresh these clams were. We were lucky enough to bring Mom with us, since she needed a getaway herself. I've never seen her so relaxed before. We had such a great time and so many laughs together. It was truly a piece of heaven and I am extremely grateful to have spent this time with my favorite girls. Here are some shots of our trip. I'll be back writing again this following Tuesday. We're taking a vacation from our vacation. Here are shots right outside from the house we rented.

Here are some other shots from my iPhone...

This was right outside the house. Perfect.
We got hit with this amazing storm! 
This is right on the dock at Claudio's Clam Bar. It's an 75 year old firefighting boat.
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Just in case I needed to doodle while inspired by the view.

Best clams on the half shell I have ever had!

If you ever go to Greenport, you have to visit Claudio's.

Even Lola met some friends...kinda.

Mom spying on people on their yachts passing by.
My baby girl.

People asked, "Why didn't you kennel your dog?" You will never, ever see my rescue dog in a kennel unless waiting 10 minutes for me from being at the groomer's. I would be so depressed without her stalking me. Seriously - that dog is my heart. Wherever we go, she goes. Wouldn't have it any other way.

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