Do We Have a Choice?

Do you ever find yourself cringing when you hear, "they did studies on, blah blah blah" on certain controversial topics? For instance, they did studies on the "gay gene" and whether or not being gay was a choice or if people were born that way. I remember a show (of course I forgot which) where they took a cadaver of a lesbian woman and compared her brain to the brain of a man. The makeup was almost identical. When placed next to a heterosexual female's brain, it was much different. Scientific studies and findings have not been actual proof of finding a "gay gene", or else those who strongly feel it's a choice would stop their argument. I personally don't care whether it's a gene or if it's a choice. In a religious standpoint and through reading much of what the scripture says --- being gay is not a sin. It's the sexual nature, (promiscuity) for both heterosexuals and homosexuals. The "immorality" of any type of sexual behavior. I don't think that just because let's say, your dad was gay, so therefore you're gay. No. What I do believe is, there are many things in our childhood that may influence our "choices". Yes, there I said it. But I still have mixed views on the choice vs. genetics.

How about this scenario: they did studies on children who have at least one obese parent. Some studies point to a "fat gene". Many feel that genetics play a huge role in a kid's future of being thin or heavy. My personal opinion is that it's our choice. We develop the same or similar eating habits as our family, because most of us are all in one household. Some get off scott free, while others take on the shape of their heavier parent(s). I do believe that we form the same "shape" of our parents' bodies --- similar hands, arms, feet, calves, ear, nose, eyes, etc --- and while that may increase with size, we figure "Well, he's heavy so his kid took on his shape too. It was bound to happen."  But have you ever looked at a married couple who look a lot alike? They took on the same shape, and dare I say, similar size and weight? Think... Same with alcoholism. Habits are learned and periodically taken on. I don't understand when people say "there's alcoholism in our genes" ---- it's a habit, not a genetic fault. We consume alcohol - it isn't within us...or is it?  Did "studies" show that? Or is it just another scapegoat? How about saying we have an addictive nature, or perhaps, an "addictive gene"? Why does "alcoholism" come into play? I never understood that one. Are we placing too much blame on our parents, our genetics and pushing away our very own responsibilities for ourselves - our accountabilities? What about being accountable for our own actions instead of saying, "Well it was bound to happen..."  I will admit, as a lesbian woman, I don't think I could "choose" to be straight, only because my sexual preference is for the female gender. So I chose to marry a female. Voila. I can also go into when I was a child knowing all my life that I preferred the female gender. Hmm...

They did studies on our initial attraction towards whoever we "choose" to date. The pheromones were the number one reason why we picked our partners. After that, it's the physical characteristics. Then at least, can we say it's a chemical and not a gene per se? It's just as if I tell you, vanilla is my favorite smell and flavor, and you telling me that chocolate is yours. Preference. We all have preferences and choices...or do you think it's all in our genetic makeup?

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