Disheartening & Tragic

Just like you, I was totally disheartened by the tragedy of Sandy Hook. I'm not even a parent, yet felt the heartache of "my child" being killed days before the holidays. Unopened presents under the Christmas tree, empty bedrooms with all of their toys, stuffed animals and belongings still lingering, and of course, the media and social networking sites showing the faces of those whose lives were taken so tragically. How could you not cry over this? I thought about the vulnerability of the schools that my little nephew and two nieces attend. I thought about how terribly heartbroken I would be if this happened here. That mindset of "Oh this would never happen here," is now a mindset of, "When is it going to happen?" I was nauseated by not only what the media was showing, but my own thoughts, fears and yes, anger. I was however, glad that at most, only two photos (images and not footage) of the tragedy was shown. Maybe it was just to respect the children since they were so young. Maybe it was just to save us from more heartbreak. And maybe, I don't know...

Yesterday, I stumbled across a disturbing video. It's called, "The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed". It was on a friend's Facebook wall. I clicked on it, noticed that it was 30 minutes long and was almost about to turn it off, when I found that I could not keep from watching it. They say in the disclaimer before the video goes on that they are not claiming that the shooting never took place, they are simply questioning the contradicting stories. And wow, I could not believe my eyes. They took news footage, reports as well as interviews with the parents (some questionable), to which all contradicted one another. One person's story turned into many stories, changing with each interview. I remember telling Madelene while we were watching the news, "There was a lady who said that the mother who was killed never taught at this school before." Then there was a nurse who said that the mother was a sweet person who worked there for years. That person, that same nurse, was not found in the records. On top of that, they had charity pages for the deceased children made one day before the shooting. The gun that was supposedly used for the shooting was in the trunk of the car, while Adam Lanza's body was still in the school. How on earth...?  But the one thing was, they couldn't claim if it was a shotgun or an AR-15 rifle. As fascinated as I am by conspiracy theorists, I also have a lot of skepticism. This has to be one of the first (most tragic) event that I ever thought twice about. I hope that maybe some of my readers can convince me that this is all fake, made up, and well, not true. Beyond that, I'll let you decide for yourself. What do you think? What do you believe? You can also go to Snopes for more info.

If you cannot view the video above, please click here.

Here's an article taken from The Global Desk News:

"A ‘Sandy Hook conspiracy theory’ is spreading across certain areas of the US, which deems that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings on December 14 in Connecticut were a hoax committed by the Barack Obama Presidency to heighten public support for tighter gun control laws.

The Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists aka the Sandy Hook Truthers have labelled themselves Operation Terror, with many of the movement’s proponents having connections to the ‘9/11 Truthers’, who propagate that the 9/11 Islamist terrorist attacks on US soil were an ‘inside job’ of the then George W Bush Presidency. The ‘conspiracy of Sandy Hook’ or the Sandy Hook hoax theory appears to be based on fictitiousness and seems to be devoid of any basis.

The ‘Sandy Hook hoax’ theorists have asserted, in their blogs and websites, that a ‘smoking gun’ proves that the Connecticut elementary school shootings were bogus. The ‘smoking gun’ is a photograph of US President Barack Obama, in which he is backstage at a Newtown vigil two days after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings. In the photograph, Barack Obama has a young blonde girl on his lap.

The theorists, who claim that the Sandy Hook shootings were a hoax, have voiced that the blonde girl is the 6-year-old Emilie Parker, who was believed to be one of the 20 child victims of the Newtown elementary school massacre. The Sandy Hook Truthers, who have thundered that ‘Sandy Hook has been exposed’, say that Emilie Parker’s parents failed to adhere to the hoax due to their amateurishness.

A YouTube video on the ‘Sandy Hook hoax’ theory, which has garnered more than 260000 hits, voices that the blonde girl in the photo is Emilie Parker.

Opponents of the ‘Sandy Hook conspiracy’ theorists say that the blonde girl is Emilie Parker’s little sister. The ‘Sandy Hook hoax’ theorists also deem that Robbie Parker, Emilie Parker’s Dad, was faking his deep sadness when he melancholically addressed the media after Emilie was murdered at Sandy Hook.

69-year-old Gene Rosen, a pet-sitter, who provided sanctuary to six kids, who escaped the Newtown school in terror, is receiving harassing phone calls from some conspiracy theorists."

I realize that many people get freaky when it comes to the government and new world order type of theories, but I have read other articles that listed the reason for all of this was to implement tighter gun control. There's a ton of articles out there listed, not on major news media, but from underground groups as well as blogs. Not reputable, but yet questionable. Let's say that this is all true - that these were all actors (as absurd as that may seem to all of us) and that the government did this to tug at our heartstrings in order to get gun control? On top of that, the entire world starts to find out through news sources on Twitter, Facebook and other online resources that this was indeed a hoax? Do you know what would happen? Our freedom as we know it would be taken away. No more Facebook. No more Twitter. No more Youtube. No more available internet access to share anything. They do it in some countries so people don't have access to let people around the world really know what's going on. But of course, civilian opinions and general data is never a reliable source - but it's a questionable one once hundreds and thousands of people start reporting the same thing.

Please keep in mind, I am NOT saying that this conspiracy theory of Sandy Hook being a hoax is true. I'm questioning only certain details of the story regarding "supposed" actors playing roles in the scene, the lack of photos, images, footage, the conflicting stories, the medical examiner's behavior and false or botched up reports --- I'm trying to make sense of it while most of it is changing day by day. Feel free to leave your thoughts on what you think. How HORRIBLE if this is a hoax and how HORRIBLE if these allegations are just a huge hoax itself. Google some of the stories online and see for yourself how many contradictories there are to this tragedy.

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