"Gays & Lesbians of Faith" Update

(Madelene being such a great interviewer as I toggle around with that heavy camera in Ryan Nickulas' apartment in NYC.)

This is just an update on our documentary, “Gays & Lesbians of Faith”. It was moving along quite well, until I hit a few road bumps that I wasn’t aware of, on the technical side and well, on the legal side too. While uploading extra segments up on my Youtube solely for the film, one of them was rejected due to copyright infringement. I was really confused because I was using royalty free music from www.freeplaymusic.com. You’d think it would be ‘free’ to use, but it’s not. You can use them for free if it’s a home movie that stays home - literally - no uploads for public viewing. This has been a major eye-opener for me as I had to remove many videos with background music from this website, however for the film in its entirety, I will be either playing my own music with my guitar or fiddling around with a music program I have on my Mac. I can hire someone to play as well, but I don’t want the complications of being ‘too picky’ about tunes. I just need b-roll background music because I never use music while someone is talking during their interview. It’s just distracting in my opinion. We also have had audio problems which we are working on to enhance the voice. Slowly but surely it's coming along. Another problem we came across was unsigned release forms. Those are very important for the project before it’s released, so those who didn’t sign them - sign them and get them in if you still want to be apart of the project. The address has changed so email me if you need to get my new info. With that being said, we need to interview a few more people due to this problem alone.

So to all the people who generously participated in our film, please be patient as we tweak out some technical issues on the audio, as well as music selection. I know I said it would be out on time for the film festivals this fall, but it may take a bit longer. I’m working my hardest to make this happen because you worked so hard for me, being available and sharing your most personal stories with us.

Every single person we have interviewed has been such an integral part of this project that we can’t thank you enough! I will send notices out on when the entire film is finished and hopefully, we’ll see you soon at the film festivals! Thanks again for all your patience, your time & helping those who need to hear a positive message through your own personal life experiences.

For those interested in being interviewed and you are in the New York area, please email me at deb@debrapasquella.com. We are no longer traveling to do these interviews, unless you are in the general vicinity. Email me for more info.

Here are some fun photos taken during filming.

The Rev. David L. Clarke
The very funny comedienne, Mimi Gonzalez
The very funny comedienne & actress, Amy Beckerman
A personal friend and owner of Waydowntown in Provincetown, MA, Elizabeth A. DeBella
Celebrity hair stylist & cast member on The A-List NY on LOGO, Ryan Nickulas
Ellie Castillo, showgirl/entertainer in Provincetown, MA....RIP my friend

Clips from "Gays & Lesbians of Faith"...

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