The Man Who Walks Alone Walks Faster: Mark C. Durfee

There are very few authors that can hold my interest for an extended length of time. There are some bloggers who tend to drift off the main pathway of what they initially blogged for --and that’s okay, because I’m one of them. I must say, I’m most impressed with those authors, poets and bloggers who seem to continuously have content for a main theme of it all - their muse for writing - their “reason” to write, and on top of that, to correlate it to everyday life, whether people can relate to it or not. For myself, I prefer the type writing that can place me into a different world and place less focus on my own. One author that comes to mind is, Mark C. Durfee. I’ve been following his poetry for years and I recently just purchased two of his chapbooks: Stink and The Line Between. He’s a great poet and storywriter, all taken from his brilliant mind and what he experiences on a daily basis. He makes no apologies for what he says. He makes no excuses. It's raw. It's brilliant. It's strong. Be prepared if you do read his work, it'll truly blow your mind.

After I was finished reading one book, I went to go visit my mother to relax and unwind, and continue reading his second book. Within seconds, my mother quickly snatched up one of the books and was unable to put it down. She kept interrupting me, telling me how much she could relate to a lot of his writings. She also loved many of the poems that were written. And get this ---my mother hates to read. Her attention span is no bigger than a fly’s when it comes to books, poetry or any sort of writing....that she has to read.

Have you ever noticed some of the best authors are not published with big time publishing houses? All the more reason to pick up Mark’s books and give it a go. In all honesty, Mark's books would definitely be best sellers, if publishing houses would just notice the radiating brilliance that continues to shine throughout the blogospheres.

Hats off to you, Mark! I’ve read your poetry online, your books page by page and had the luxury of hearing you verbally, telling stories that unfolded before my eyes. Thank you for sharing your world with us and thank you, for sharing yourself most of all.

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