Texting Boundaries

Have you ever received a text from a friend to only find out that this friend is just completely and insanely annoying? Thankfully, this person is not on my facebook account nor knows what my website is, so I am going to speak freely about this. There is this guy, we’ll call “Mike” whom I’ve known for many years. In fact, he’s an old employee of my father’s. Mike is the most respectful guy I have ever met. Madelene and I saw him at a bar a few months ago and he asked if he could have my cell phone number to update me on my favorite band that comes into our town occasionally. I gladly gave him my number, and besides, he’s a great guy. When we got back home to go to sleep, my phone buzzed. It was one of those 'fwd: fwd: fwd: fwd:' type of texts. When I opened it up, it was all pornographic images and even tiny little obscene videos. I asked if he had sent this to the wrong number, and his reply was, “Did you like it?” I asked him politely if he would stop sending me these things.

Here’s the deal: if I am not having sex with you, then I certainly don’t want to talk about it with you, or have you send me “sexual images” to me. It freaks me out. I can totally see if Mike was intimate with a woman and sent her a little “sexting”---only if that was what she was into. Even if you are intimate with someone - you have to know people’s boundaries. It does not give you a right to send smut over the net or via text message. To me, if you send me a sexual text, I’m going to automatically assume you want more than just a text back. It’s not being conceited, it’s me saying "WTF is wrong with you???" I also don’t understand the concept of two men sending pornographic images to one another. Are they gay? And if they’re not, why are you sending them to another man? I’ve seen that happen more than anything else.

Without much ‘in depth’ detail, I have had someone’s husband send me pornographic videos through email. Although I do admit, the previous night when we were all out having dinner, we were all talking about sex, but in a tactful way, not “smut” or anything. Well, the next day, I got a whole lotta’ smut in my email. At first I had no idea what he was sending, I had just thought they were a bunch of funny forwards that he kept sending every five minutes. I had at least 30 emails of his in my inbox from him. I emailed his wife and asked if she could tell her husband to take me off his ‘forward’ list, because he was sending way too many "forwarded jokes". Later on, I found out it was all porn. Lovely.

Getting back to “Mike” and his porn-filled texts, he had sent me another one recently, and I just said, “Oh dad saw that one, Mike. He says hello...” (Thinking he’s always scared to death of my father.) He never sent me another one after that. Days later, he sent me a text that said, “Tell Mad thanks for the other day.”


Of course I called Madelene and she said he was looking for a BMW, so she was trying her best to help him out, but his credit score was shot and he couldn’t afford more than $50 a month on a car. He drives a 1980 Datsun for the love of God! He’s on a mission and I don’t know what it is, but if he keeps it up, I’m going to seriously do damage to his sex drive for good, perhaps keep sending him photos of me naked. That should do the trick.