Alive & Kickin'

There hasn’t been much effort to put forth a post or talk about anything lately being that the weather’s been awfully drab and nothing has really been happening all that much. There’s nothing I can write that I haven’t said before, so I’ll just give you the lowdown on things that have been puzzling me lately.

1. It infuriates me that Cardoba House project is planning to build a mosque (possibly two) not even two blocks away from ground zero. Mind you, I have nothing against Muslims, but the fact that so many people died all “in the name of Allah” has to hit a nerve with the victims of 9/11. Some say it’s a positive step for making peace with those who are Muslim and not of the extremist type, which is good I guess, but isn’t it a proverbial 'slap in the face' for the victims of 9/11? I feel so bad for them. They haven’t had a moment to breathe, and no, I don’t think nine years is enough grieving time for the drastic way they have all perished. --read the article here from CNN.

2. Apiphobia. My name, “Debra” means “queen bee”. I cannot for the life of me, get away from these goddam bees! Everywhere I go, there’s either a few or a swarm. It doesn’t even have to be hot out. So, after a nice visit with my parents, I go over to my car and I see about five of them all gathered on my hood. I ran to the door and quickly shuffled inside. As I’m driving, all of them held on for about a mile. This one in the photo held on the entire way home. I don’t understand why I am their ultimate target. Even at barbecues or at the pool, everyone will be having a nice time without the bees, until I walk over. It’s then we get massacred with a family of yellow jackets. I just. don’t. get. it.

3. Phallic foods. You know I hate labels, but since I am married to a woman, I guess that makes me a lesbian. However, lately my choices of food have taken a turn for the “wurst”, and I’m not sure if my inner straight girl has been screaming bloody murder, but my food choices have been mildly arousing somewhat. Usually, if I am stressed out to the max, I go for the forbidden foods: hot dogs, burgers, KFC, beer, etc. I go through this “stress phase” and then it fizzles back into all greens, grilled chicken, fish and other healthy foods. I guess even with the healthiest of foods, I’m drawn to the most phallic of them all. Do you think this means anything? Madelene’s concerned.

4. Mom. She’s such an honest little love bug. She’ll tell you if you look like you’ve been eating healthy - aka - “you’re getting fat” or if your hair looks like hell, or anything else that may have you cutting your wrists. She’s good with compliments too...sometimes. As I was leaving her house the other day, right before the bees attacked my car, I had given her a kiss goodbye, and in return, she handed me breath mints. I asked, “Are you trying to tell me something?” She bursted out laughing and didn’t realize the connection...or did she?

Other than that, nothing new & exciting going on other than work, same projects, being a domestic goddess and a pain in the ass to my wife, as usual. I have nothing deep or meaningful to say ---just that I’m still here alive & kickin’!