Is Bisexuality Is Better Than Homosexuality?

In a previous post, I had mentioned a disagreement I had with a friend who happens to be African-American, who voted for Proposition 8. She said that it was important that marriage should be sacred for only a man and a woman. In the video below, Olbermann explains how at one time blacks weren’t able to marry white people, and in fact, they weren’t even allowed to marry each other back in the times of slavery. This very same person who voted for Proposition 8 also wanted to be intimate along with Madelene and myself, because she thinks all gays and lesbians are promiscuous. She’s bisexual, so it really didn’t matter, right? We graciously declined and she was very offended. People have this sense of homosexuality being perverted, promiscuous and/or dirty. Two people of the same sex who love one another are just the same as those who are heterosexual. Both heterosexuals and homosexuals can be just as promiscuous, and yet both can be loving and monogamous, if all are being viewed as separate individuals or couples.

Please watch this video. It couldn’t have been so beautiful said, nor conveyed in such a loving way. I saw this video on Real Live Lesbian’s blog and wanted to share this as well.