Life Is But a Dream

“Come with me, let’s go Deb.” An androgynous voice calls out to me.
“I can’t leave here, what if I don’t make it back on time?”
“You must come along now, while we can still go. Come along, Debbie.”
The voice suggests.

Still kept within my body, I wondered how I would manage to get out of this heaviness; this shell that kept me from flying. In an instant, the person with the androgynous voice lifts me up, and holds me securely as we start flying upward. Looking down, I saw my own body sleeping in my bed. I saw Madelene curled up beside me. It had to be close to 3am, and we didn’t have to wake up for another four hours or so.

“I have so much to show you! Let’s go!” The voice said, as we made our way up into the sky. We were flying above the clouds at this point. My body was no longer with me. The heaviness was gone, and I had no pain.

Pain? Yes—pain. It was then I realized that humans, in their physical bodies build up a tolerance to pain. We just don’t know it. For example, let your arm go loose. Ask someone to lift it up. Don’t help them. Your arm is very heavy. Imagine the rest of you? My chest—there’s no pain. Our chest and our diaphragm makes us feel even heavier; forcing ourselves to breathe. Involuntarily, our bodies work at no request, pumping oxygen and blood into our systems. There’s a lot of work involved with being in the physical nature.

Feeling weightless and carefree of worries that rummaged through my mind everyday, I was flying with this androgynous entity. When I looked on the sides of me, I realized it was an angel. It wasn’t anything other than a non-gendered angel. I couldn’t tell if it was male or female. The voice was almost like my own, but with no gender overtone.

“Hang on! There’s just so much I need to show you—we don’t have that much time left!” The angel says, as we swoop down from the clouds, and follow a road that was in the middle of a field. We were out in the Midwest somewhere. It was a paved road with telephone lines going through it. This was amazing. The wind rippled through my ears, as we flew faster, and then went back up to our original level.

Now I saw the world in almost a satellite view. I was lifted to see the United States and part of South America.

“Look, here’s where the problem is going to start. The plague that has already started is going to reach the US. It’ll make its way into California first, reaching down into the Midwest, and eventually to the east coast.” The angel said, pointing to each area he/she was referring to.

This angel was telling me things in the future. Was he/she suggesting that we were going to have a major plague?

I felt my spirit rush me. I can’t explain the feeling, because it’s not of a physical nature—it was about ‘knowing’ more or less.

“I have to go!” I said to the angel. “Send me back! I don’t have much time! I won’t make it if you don’t send me back!” I said, in a frantic attempt for the angel to fly me back home.

I don’t quite remember the trip back, but I do remember the last part of it. I was flying so fast, I could hear that wind through my ears fluttering like a butterfly trying to escape desperately. My soul was like a magnet to my body. I saw the apartment I was living in—went through the ceiling and practically slammed back down into my body.

“GASP!” I woke up, trying to breathe in. It was so hard—the air had a difficult time getting through my windpipes. My body was about to shut down. I knew it. When I landed, I heard the wind in my physical body for just two seconds. I made it just on time.

“You okay, Deb?” Madelene says, as she woke up due to my asthma-like gasp.
“Yeah.” I said. How was I about to tell her what I just went through? Plus, I didn’t want to bother her with my freakish experience.

Was it all but a dream?

This was something that happened in August of 1997. The only one who knew about this "dream" was Madelene. I know people have different views regarding astral traveling and if dreams are really 'just that'.

What do you think?