Did You See It?

No fly—no shoot zone at the White House has been tampered with. By what? As they officials say, “An unidentified plane”, which somehow was a ‘blip’ on their radar that magically disappeared and was no longer detected. On May 12th, 2005, this is exactly what happened. Officials sprawled all over the area like wildfire in case they needed to shoot down the aircraft, in case it was terrorists. The scare was brief, and so was the ‘hype’. No one ever talked about it after that day really.

President Bush was rushed to an underground bunker. How do they know it was a plane? How does a plane flying near the white house get undetected and lost?

“Oh it was just a plane flying too close to the grounds of the white house.”

End of story.

Was it really 'just a plane'? Or was it something else that government is keeping from us? Back in 1965, witnesses saw an unidentified object flying over the western part of Pennsylvania. It appeared to have crashed in that area. The military rushed out and investigated. Not one Pentagon spokesperson could be contacted regarding this incident.

Why is this information withheld from us? Why aren’t they speaking of what happened on May of 2005 at the White House? Was it just a plane? And if it was just a ‘blip’ on the radar, that seemed to have disappeared, wouldn’t you investigate that a bit further? Or is this all ‘classified information’?

In my own opinion, if it were to be a UFO, I think the government would keep this under their hats, so that people wouldn’t get crazed over it. There are enough lunatics out there claiming they’ve seen UFOs, and very few ‘legit’ people telling their story.

Do I believe in UFOs? I don’t know. Do I think it’s possible? Sure. Think about it, the universe is so large, that we don’t even have strong enough equipment to go a certain distance. Each star is relative to the sun. Each star has its own planets revolving around it. Don’t you think the third planet from that star up in the sky, has something living on it? Because we live on the third planet, the climate is suitable for living conditions. It’s amazing when you really think about it, and the possibilities.

The government has documents that prove that unidentified flying objects have been seen and witnessed. Maybe they don’t want to cause a panic? I bet you anything psychiatrists and mental institutions would make a bundle--if in fact, the government did come out and make this public.

A good friend of mine—(which I will keep her name anonymous) has claimed to witness UFO sightings in Pine Bush, NY. Yes, Pine Bush—the most frequently visited UFO sighting area. My friend and her sister both told me their story one evening at my house. They both seem like two credible people who wouldn’t go out on a limb to ‘make this up’--I couldn’t see that. Their story was quite interesting, and made me rethink my UFO belief.

When they were both leaving my house, they got in their car, and her sister turned the key. The car didn’t start. It didn’t even turn over. Nothing---dead silence. Finally, when it started back up again, they were driving down my road, and the lights went off by itself.

Did they hear us talking? It has to make you wonder.

What do you think?