Stringing the Bee Along

I finally got him. Who? The bee who wouldn’t let me and Madelene sit outside on my deck all through the summer days. We had to wait till the nightfall in order to sit out there. This son of a b*tch would fly over to us, terrorizing us till we went inside. We gave up. Simple as that. That little mutha! Not only did he torment us just by his presence, he started building a nest right outside on my chair out on my deck. He'd fly over with this long piece of string. This string was ten times the size of this bee. I would then see all his friends roam around, and to me, the thought of bees are much like the thought of cockroaches---it gives you the heebie-jeebies. So it's not only the threat of being stung, it's just gross to see them swarming all over my deck.

Well, today, I am happy to report, that I got that sucker! Smack dab in the face. Above is a picture of his remains.

Since I was being attacked by this bee, Madelene decided to pull some strings of mine. Hmm. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I wonder. Maybe the 'red' attracted the bee from the beginning, but it certainly lured my girlfriend in.