Bertoni's Gallery

Deep colors from the mystic shores of Cape Cod to the rustic view of Provincetown’s historical houses, Mae Bertoni has captured each essence of these images. An exhibit of realism art of water colors, to photography, Mae has used her artistic skills to enhance nature’s best features.

(From the left to right, Mae, Robert, Rachel, Donna and Theresa. )

Tonight was Mae’s reception for her exhibit at Bertoni’s Gallery. Rachel, her daughter is the owner, along with her husband Robert Finstad. Both Robert and Rachel work hard to keep the gallery alive. Rachel uses her own style to create unique and one of a kind jewelry, as well as create many sculptures and paintings. Robert has a talent with framework which enables this to all come together. Rachel Bertoni Finstad has been making jewelry since 1982. She has a BA in art/ education with a MFA in sculpture. Over the years she has worked with many different materials. She primarily works with silver and gold, semi-precious & precious stones in her unique handmade jewelry items.

Please visit
P.O. Box 563
1392 Kings Highway
Sugar Loaf, NY 10981
Tel: (845)-469-0993
Open Thurs-Sun 11-6

Laid back, and a relaxed atmosphere, Ariel plays her guitar and sings like an angel, while her percussionist taps a majestic beat on his bongo. It sounded absolutely beautiful. It drew other wanderers into the gallery, as well as entertain the guests that were already there. Cheese, wine, strawberries & grapes, people were having a good time. Nothing better than good friends, good wine and great music to enhance an exhibit for a talented artist.

After the exhibit, Madelene and I stopped off at the Barnsider to see our favorite bartender, Debbie. She knew exactly what drinks to make. Madelene and I sat down at our regular seats and had our dinnner and drinks as usual. Debbie never fails to refill our empties. Not only is she a good bartender, but she's a great friend. Thank you Deb for making us feel right at home!

Below is a picture of how my vision was---after Debbie made me some potent drinks.

If you want to get the best drinks in town and the best food, visit Debbie on Saturdays and Sundays at the Barnsider in Chester, NY.