For the Birds

Crisp, cool and quiet. That’s how the day greeted me. From being in the presence of many friends that I haven’t seen in a while, to a quiet and still morning; it was a dramatic change. I just drove my buddy Tara (aka City Mouse) to the bus terminal, so she can get back to the hustle and bustle of the crowded city streets, sirens blaring throughout the smoggy air that flows between the buildings, and of course, back to her job.

I have to say, it was so nice to see friends I haven’t seen in so long. It’s great to see that some friends can pick up right where they left off, even though some time may have passed. That’s a true friend.

Tara has taken many pictures that are quite amusing---which she will be sending me via e-mail, so I can display this embarrassment to you. That’ll be later in the day. Drunk pictures are always fun.

Back to this morning. I’m obsessed. I have this fascination with birds lately. I have literally become that old fart next door that watches birds with her binoculars. Sad? Yes. Definitely. These aren’t your everyday birds though. I have this fixation with owls. I buy them from all over. I get them for gifts, and I even just recently purchased a sculpted owl at the gallery I work at. They say owls are good luck. Hmm. There were two owls sitting on my tree outside. They were magnificent, they were huge, and they were just hanging out in the middle of the day. Aren’t they nocturnal? A bit of insomnia, maybe?

While I work in my office, there are two humming birds that peck at my window; as if they were trying to get me to come outside and hang out with them.
”Hey! Deb! It’s great out here, come outside!”
I just stare in amazement, as these two beautiful birds peck for me. It’s flattering. This morning, I saw two doves outside my window looking back at me. To me, this signifies “God”. He visited me today. Hmm. I feel bad I haven’t visited him lately. Busyness can be a bad thing sometimes.

Yesterday, while hanging out with my friend Tara and Madelene, the two falcons that always come near my house were back again. I tried putting my arm out to see if they would land, but they just swirled and circled over my head. They were hesitant, but, at least they thought about it. I would have ran if they did swoop down to land. Their claws can literally lock up on you and tear your arm apart. Not a good idea I suppose, but I love to flirt with danger. (ha) I’m getting old. I need more adventure in my life, I know. Shut up.

I just had a thought. All my favorite birds come to me in pairs. They all have a significant other. It makes me feel better that my favorite bird is paired up with another feathered friend. It makes me feel good to know that they’ll be taking care of one another till they’re old. I believe if you love a particular animal, (or) human that much, you would much rather see them living their lives with someone they love, and being happy---if you cannot have them for yourself. You wouldn’t want to cage them, or keep them as a pet. Let them go. Let them run wild. They’re not meant to be kept, but it’s nice when they do come back to visit. And if it’s meant to be that you’re supposed to have them forever, they’ll be back for good. Love isn’t possessive.

I need coffee. I’m getting way to sentimental with my blogs. I need to lighten the hell up here folks! I’ll be back when my buddy Tara forwards me these awful pictures. Why do I love to embarrass myself so much?