Hormonal Harmonies Part II (Update)

From strange and wacky dreams, to getting the giggles all day, I’ve discovered that this hormone works for me. (For now) I was hesitant to take it this morning, due to my overindulgence of wine last night, but I bit the bullet and decided to see what would happen. Yes-- just for 'blog' purposes I guess. Those of you, who have been faithful readers of my blog, know that I have my hangover remedies in the archives. I now have a new one. The HGH is much more powerful than any sports drink, bloody mary, vitamin C’s or the last resort, ibuprofen.

For those of you who are nondrinkers, I will report other benefits of this wonderful spray. Not only have I been ~randy~ all day, looking much like that guy “Bob” on those ‘male enhancement’ commercials with that ear-to-ear smile, but I am also experiencing shorter recovery time from working out. My muscles don’t ache like they usually do. When I run, my joints in my ankles aren’t clicking away like two silverware spoons. I think I found my alternative to Prozac!

Another great quality of this wonder hormone is that I’m thinking clearly. Yes, those of you who know me, realize that I do things without thinking sometimes. I finished an entire crossword puzzle, (hate those things) and I have been successful at cryptographs lately. Totally puzzles me. I also have been doing a lot of math in my head, oppose to grabbing the ol’ handy calculator.

I have to make note of yet another wonderful quality. I don’t care about things that usually would bother me. I blow it off quite easily now. Maybe it’s too soon to tell, but my attitude in things that once upset me, now have no affect on me whatsoever. I’m definitely out of my character these days. I think I like it!

I’m happy to report that Madelene has started taking the HGH again. She has been winking at me all day. Not a clue as to why, but it’s a good sign!

I’ll keep you “posted”…