Hormonal Harmonies

Isn’t it bad enough that I go through chaos and emotional break downs while I PMS? I’ve done it. I’ve started taking HGH. (Human Growth Hormones) It’s a spray that you apply under your tongue. Twice in the morning, and four times at night, before you go to bed. No extra chest hairs.

Why am I taking this? And what does it do?

No, it’s not to make me grow larger. That is definitely not the direction I want to take. It actually aids in losing weight, giving you more energy, burning fat, it helps memory and intellectual capacity (which I need desperately) and it also gives you a higher libido. Hmm. It’s a hormone that wanes off as we get older. When we get older, we tend to gain a few more, our muscles and bones ache a bit more, and our sleep gets less and less. HGH helps with insomnia- I have never slept so well before! It also helps with cholesterol and reduces wrinkles, giving your face a nice glow.

I’ve only been using this for a week, and I am already feeling the benefits from it. Madelene was on it for a while, she started feeling great after three months, and then decided not to take it because it wasn’t FDA approved. Neither are herbal products or certain vitamins though.

Anyway, I’m going to test this out. I’m hoping this doesn’t make me more of a mess during PMS time. You’ll be updated with the latest hormonal news on my part. I'm hoping Madelene doesn't leave me if this stuff makes me a complete mess!

My sister bought this stuff for me, because she wanted me to try it. It helped her a lot, and it took away her anxiety. I have been suffering from anxiety attacks a lot lately. Before I would go to bed, I would stay up a bit longer due to my panic attacks. Since I have been taking this HGH, it has been like a miracle worker. I feel so calm, and I don't worry as much as I used to.

You can use me as a guinea pig and see how I do after three months, or you can try it for yourself and see the effects. There are no side effects other than slight water retention occasionally. Like I’m not used to that??? A pinch of salt and I blow up like a tick. Big deal. Nothing new… The only thing you have to do is check with your doctor if you are taking certain prescriptions. Read up on it. I’m excited about this stuff.

I think this company should pay me for practically advertising their product!

Okay, I am off to enjoy my hormones…