Two Stones Thrown at the Mocking Bird

Are we prisoners of our own insecurities? Sometimes I’m faced with that dilemma myself. I take things too seriously; I get offended quickly, or take things out of context---which never were applied to me in the first place. It’s as almost being paranoid in a sense. Each word sounds as if it’s an attack on you. I guess we need to discern from what is a personal attack, to what’s just being said in general. I think I learned a lot on both ends of the spectrum. I have offended people without realizing it, and I have taken offense to people (friends) who said things that weren’t meant to be in a derogatory manner.

I believe each person has their own insecurities; one differing from the next. Is it a matter of being more sensitive to other people’s feelings? Or is it just merely not being susceptible to other people’s criticisms, and/or opinions? They may just be ‘speaking their mind’ and expressing their thoughts in a unique approach. It can sometimes be hard to read a person when they seem to be telling you something that you feel is negative. We have to read between the lines. I have learned this the hard way, and have been reminded numerous times, that it wasn’t to be taken offensively. God forbid you get me while I’m PMSing and I take something out of context. You are Satan himself! (In my eyes) I will lash out like a wildcat. Other times, I will truly understand where you are coming from, and react in a humane way. Tricky, huh? I think a lot of people are like that though.

What about e-mail? How many people take ‘text’-----out of context? The tone in your voice in person, can determine if you are upset, angry, sarcastic or happy. In e-mail, the other person has to guess the attitude that is being displayed on his/her screen. It’s very difficult sometimes, and a lot of people brew up arguments due to a conversation that went bad through e-mail. We have to especially be careful in e-mail and written words when we speak. I say this, because I have been mistaken for someone of a negative nature online, when I wanted to come across ‘sarcastic’. Some people didn’t take it that way and basically took offense to the extreme. With that, I do apologize. Words are powerful, and yes, they need to be distributed wisely.

A great proverb that I read this morning:

“Mockers can get a whole town agitated, but those who are wise will calm anger.”~Proverbs 29:8

In an e-mail I sent to one of the lesbian organizations, I came off as ‘mocking’ them, and I can definitely see how they did take it as such. I wanted the group to be a little more ‘light hearted’ and not take themselves too seriously. It’s a very ~official~ club, that these ladies take very seriously, so by my sarcasm, I got myself in heaps of trouble. When I explained myself to the main person who took offense, we ended up talking on a friendly basis, and even spoke over the phone. Turns out, we have a lot in common and we happen to think a lot alike. Enemies through e-mail, to friends over the phone. It’s the tone, the way you speak, the delivery of your message can either build or tear down whatever you are trying to get across.

And yes---Funky Beatz---you are right…in fact, you basically quoted a proverb….

“Those who love to talk will experience the consequences, for the tongue can kill or nourish life.” ~Proverbs 18:21

The e-mail that I sent out to the group, I was under the influence of alcohol, and poked fun at what this group was trying to accomplish. I was reminded of this proverb:

“Wine produces mockers; liquor leads to brawls. Whoever is led astray by drink cannot be wise.” ~Proverbs 20:1

My apologies!...