Are You a Lefty or Righty?

Having beliefs and opinions is apart of what makes us truly individuals. As unique as an opinion or belief may be, we should never judge or ridicule someone for what they stand behind. For instance, being gay- who’s to tell you that it’s wrong? (Unless you happen to step foot inside a Catholic church) Some people just assume you have opinions of a certain nature just because you are gay.

I have this problem. People assume that my political views lean left. (Democratic views) If being Christian isn’t controversial enough to people who cannot understand my belief that God accepts all, then being (mostly republican) has made me an outcast to my whole community. Just because we were born gay, does not mean that we were all born Democrats. I have opinions and strong beliefs that lean right, and some beliefs that lean left---so some would actually call me a ‘moderate’.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some huge political activist running around protesting every single thing that irks me; I’m just stating that more of what I believe leans more on the right wing. I am just stating my opinions right now.

A lot of my fellow gay friends will send me these email forwards indicating their dislike for George W. Bush, and how the war is wrong. One girl (who is also gay) had recently emailed me explaining how an American girl unfortunately got killed in Iraq last year. Their family and friends, plus supporters were all camped outside of Bush’s vacation home. Yes, the president needs a vacation too... After all, he is human. Well, she went on to ask everyone to sign this petition to have President Bush make a press conference about this incident. It is very unfortunate that anyone was killed in Iraq. People make the conscious decision of volunteering their time to serve their country. They know the consequences, they know that their lives are at stake and they realize that a war may occur. They weren’t drafted. I appreciate every single one of our soliders out there fighting for us...They're all heroes.

In my opinion, and my belief, I feel as though George W. Bush went in there with an agenda. Yes, went in there knowing that he would capture Saddam Hussein. Not only is Saddam a dictator and has killed many, many, people in his country, but he was a threat to us. He was a threat to his own people, treating them inhumanly. God forbid nothing was done about this, he would have become another Hitler in my opinion.

Now is George W. Bush the sharpest tool in the shed? Of course not. If you have seen any of his national press conferences, you would know that there are a few screws loose. To me, he’s ‘real’, he has balls to do what has to be done, and he isn’t afraid of other left wingers bashing him.

Okay, I’m not into law or anything of that nature; I’m merely stating my opinion as an American. A few months ago I was pro-life. I did not believe that abortion should be legal. My friend pointed out to me (another gay republican friend) that God gave us ‘freedom of choice’. Why should I take away someone’s freedom of choice? Why should I even judge another for what they want to do with their lives? I decided recently that my views on abortion have changed dramatically—but, I still feel awful about it. In some countries, they are only allowed to have one baby per family. If the baby was born a girl, and if the husband wanted his name to live on, he would have the female baby aborted, so then he can try for a boy.

Gay marriages.

Hmm. This is a hard call for me. I really believe that a civil union is a wonderful option. A nice ceremony, the exchanging of commitment rings and saying your vows to be loyal to one another is significant. One friend of mine said, “Just signing your name on a deed for a house together is marriage to me.” I have to agree. I don’t need a marriage license to prove my love for my partner. A civil union enables you to reap the benefits of which straight married couples have, with the exception of it being officially ‘legal’.

President Bush said on July 2, 2003, "What I do support is the notion that marriage is between a man and a woman."

In some aspects, I agree with Bush. Here’s how I look at it. God planned marriage as to be sacred for a man and a woman to be ‘fruitful’… To produce and to have babies. Anyone can adopt children, or get artificially inseminated. The whole point of why God initiated marriage in the first place was to create a family.

Do I think gays can’t have a family? Of course not! They can have a family just like the rest of the world. Adoption and artificial insemination are options that are available. What’s important here is that we don’t cross the lines of which God intended to be sacred and “natural”.

A domesticated partnership is marriage. Even straight couples who cohabitated for a certain length of time (different in various states I believe) is considered ‘common law marriage’, they automatically get rights as a married couple…

What are your views on gay marriage? If you are gay, do you need a legal paper stating your love for your partner? Can you be content being in a loving relationship without the legalities?

This post was not meant to be taken in an offensive outlook. I’m just merely stating my “opinions” and what I believe in. I think everyone has different ideas, different ways of thinking—which makes everyone unique as individuals. I do not judge anyone for what they believe in, in fact, I’m pretty open to new ideas. Just think, my friend opened my eyes to view pro-choice in a different light.