My Bartender, My Therapist...We'll Miss You

For those who think I’m this huge alcoholic------here’s a post-- just for my favorite bartender…

“Don’t drink that crap! It’ll kill ya!” Carla, the bartender screams across the bar, as she takes away your coffee, knowing you have a hangover, and replaces it with a bloody mary. Rambunctious, unruly, and boisterous---Carla was good at her job. I never ran out of beer sitting at her bar, nor did I ever go in there ordering coffee when she was tending. It was unheard of. We were there for spirits and a good time. Her loud cheerful voice echoed throughout the bar, as well as the restaurant. She was a force to be reckoned with. Her opinions were strong, crass and unpredictable, and so were her drinks.

It was Carla’s last day at work. She is moving to Texas. Of course, there are wonderful bartenders at the Barnsider, but Carla will definitely be missed. She was quick-witted and knew how to approach difficult people. On her toes and ready to go, she always remembered everyone’s drink—if they were a customer more than once. She was always good that way. Her laugh was contagious and so were her drink mixes.

Her last evening at work, all friends and old customers gathered around to celebrate her final evening. She had customers from big-wig stuffed shirts, to mechanics that just got off from work, from artists, painters, sculptors and craft people who worked in that village, to cowboys wearing shorts--with just a pair of cowboy boots. Her clientele ranged from straight, gay, a-sexual to deep southern folk who recently moved up to upstate, New York as well as hippies in costume that made it up from the Renaissance Festival. She managed to bring in the best of all worlds.

We wish you the best, Carla, and hope to see you again! Go get’em cowgirl!