Friday, August 03, 2012

National Same Sex Kiss Day at Chick-fil-A

Seriously? No wonder why so many conservative Christians think all homosexuals are perverts. Isn't there a better way to demonstrate your opposition instead of kissing random demonstrators of the same sex at an establishment that you're protesting at? The people who are going to be protesting today are the same people who give all gays and lesbians a bad name. They make people automatically think "SEX" when they hear anything regarding the gay and lesbian community. We're more than just showing a little PDA - we're loving companions, best friends, family units --- not just sex partners. I voiced my opinion on my Facebook page and a friend said, "I'll have a herpes chicken sandwich with a side of cold sores." This is only saying one thing: "Hey Chick-fil-A, you're right! We are sinful, promiscuous homosexuals that shouldn't be able to marry because we love kissing random people of the same sex." (The kissing part optional.)  And I do wonder if it'll all stay at the kissing level.

Do you want to make a statement without looking like a perverted sex deprived idiot? Make your own chicken at home for the person you love, instead of eating their greasy slop. Look at the nutritional fact in one chicken sandwich:

440 Calories
16g Fat
2g Fiber
6g Sugars
30g Protein
3.5g Saturated Fat
0g Trans Fat
60mg Cholesterol
1400mg Sodium
42g Carbohydrates
15% Iron
15% Calcium
2% Vitamin A
2% Vitamin C
(Thanks, Mark!)

I'm demonstrating my stance against Chick-fil-A's customers by living my life with my beautiful wife, making a delicious homemade chicken that'll be much healthier than eating one of their belly bombers. No need to provide a little PDA in order to show my disagreement. (Isn't she just adorable??)

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Jess said...

Are you SURE we aren't the same person reincarnated? Or perhaps were you eavesdropping on my conversations yesterday?!? I swear this is VERBATIM what I was chit chatting about yesterday...I could not agree more!!!!

Deb said...

You know, Jess -- as we've said once before I believe - 'I get it' - I do. You want to make a point, but that point gets exaggerated into anger, which escalates into unacceptable behavior representing the LGBT group. Sadly, this is one of the many reasons why I don't go to Pride parades. They march around trying to gain acceptance by other people when their behavior demonstrates exactly what they are accused of.

And yes, we seem to be on the same wave length all the time! xxoo

Susan said...

Now that the president has endorsed gay marriage, the business community wants to make a buck. What about all the gay folks who bought chick a whatever prior to kiss the same sex day? What if they had kissed their partner the day before "Kiss the same sex day"? Yes, this marketing ploy is creepy and also alienating as it still marks gay as something different. This is hardly inclusive marketing or any great milestone, but a "look at them, Mom".

The Elephant's Child said...

Us and them is always scary. Regardless of who is the us and who is the them.

the walking man said...

Madelene! DON"T EAT THAT!! I will have to taste it first...matter of fact just pass the plate over.

Deb said...

Very true, TEC!

LOL @ Mark! I always make enough for an army... :)

Deb said...

Susan, I didn't get your comment till now for some reason. You're absolutely right and if it is a marketing scheme (sadly) - how can this possibly last? Sooner or later, this company is going to fall back into a lull and wonder where all the hype went. One marketing expert on TV said that this is going to make their business suffer in the market due to this extravaganza of controversy. Interesting marketing strategy though.

Susan said...

I was being ironic. It seemed like Chick a fil wanted to show how down they are with the community. But the community has always been there. I was agreeing with you totally!

Deb said...

No, I meant, "received" your comment. :) Totally understood it and agree 100%...