Monday, March 29, 2010

Imperfect Christians

The other day, I was talking to my friend Ellen, who happens to own a local Christian store with many trinkets and bits of jewelry with spiritual sayings and symbols. She had mentioned how some customers will walk into her store and will ask her detailed questions about Catholicism or they ask her beliefs upon a Christian-based semi-controversial topic. Some ask out of sincere questioning, while others will ask just for the mere purpose of a good debate. Why “religion” has to be so debated upon is beyond me, but I do understand it since my earlier blogging years were all about debating upon Christianity and different views, beliefs and whatnot. On the wall, there are framed pictures and items that say, “peace and love”, to which I believe is the perfect description of God. For others, “God” is the wrath of the creator - death and destruction for all who go astray and fear for being...human. Religion then starts to sound pretty scary, doesn’t it? For these people, it also means correcting your fellow Christian. “Correcting” - doesn’t that sound so authoritative and condescending? Here’s a scenario: a man who just divorced his wife and remarried while his ex is still alive, is “correcting” a homosexual who is in a loving, monogamous relationship. Think.

There are some people who believe that “religion” was a tool used to control the masses. It was a system that was ‘sprung up’ by man, so that morality could be instilled in us. Historical events defies it, however scientific evidence can prove any sort of spirituality nonexistent. Spirituality and science are like oil and water. If God made the world and created all of us, why would he let us experiment with science to figure His plan out? To figure God out is like fish trying to comprehend algebra. It’s impossible. So when people say “scientific evidence leads us to believe (dot dot dot)”, I sort of glaze over them hoping that there are any real signs of an intelligence inside that physical shell of theirs. Even if you don’t believe in God ---wouldn’t it make more sense that (to you) 'if there was a God', why would he make it that easy for us to figure him all out? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that any amount of scientific evidence will not measure up to spirituality or the likes of God. He’s got that covered. I’m sure I’ll see a few of you with EVP detecters and ghost hunting equipment trying to find Jesus. He’s right in front of you, undetected, waiting for you to notice Him.

What a boring world it would be if we were all alike. I work along with people in the comedy business and enjoy people with a good hearty sense of humor. Do you think God expects us to be all conformed into Church going holy rolling people who hide the real spirit inside? I’ve met so many “church goers” who hid under a shell of “the good Christian”. We’re all imperfect and that’s the whole beauty of it: we are unique in ways of imperfections which God loves about us. If we didn’t have these imperfections, problems, crosses to bear, then we simply wouldn’t need God. And sometimes there are circumstances where you need the imperfect person who is a bit more extreme than the next, to show you how God works into everyday life. It’s not just getting messages from your pastor or priest, it’s listening to those, whom society would least expect a message from God to slip out from their lips. To make it even more interesting: what about those who find Jesus in prison? Their lives were ruined by drugs, crime, murder, you name it ---and yet God has taken their lives as an example and used it to His will. Sometimes we have to go through certain things in life in order for God to teach us and other people about the small scope of His plan.

How many times have you sat in church or temple and drifted off into a daydream because the priest, pastor or rabbi dribbled on and on about God? When you listen to someone who doesn’t quite fit the bill of ‘the perfect Christian’ about God, it makes it seem more real; more tolerable to comprehend because that person isn’t pretending to be perfect: the person is just like you and me. What makes one sin worse than another? Some sins are full of evil intent---that’s different. But the sins of man, that has been washed away by Jesus (our birth sins) is the reason why God gave His only son, in my Christian belief. For some, it’s about the imperfections of being human, where sins are our shortcomings, and we strive to be better people knowing that there are always crosses to bear and walls to tear down. The tests of God are unknown, but it’s one of my beliefs, to which God has us down here: to test our faith. How strong is your faith? What will it take to see a small scope of God’s plan, or at least believe in God? Science is never going to prove that for you.

The most discouraging thing with most religions are the judgmental people who criticize others with hateful words and make God out to be some angry force in the sky ready to strike lightening on anyone who goes against the grain. This is why it is so important for me to have the gay and lesbian community who have faith in God to discuss how important their faith is, as well as the adversities they have faced with judgmental religious people. Many religious people will discourage the LGBT community simply out of judgments. “You’re not good enough” is all we can hear. Haven’t we heard enough of that in our lives? It’s also the reason why it was so important for me to have published my book so I could show the LGBT as well as heterosexuals that God loves us regardless of who we are, where we’re from and who we love. With good intent, a love for God and treating others the way we want to be treated---that’s what it’s all about. Do we mess up from time to time? Sure we do. We’re. not. perfect. Like my book, I don’t expect one dime out of this documentary--I expect to encourage gays and lesbians to have more hope and more faith that God loves them and that judgmental people who tear them down with words are only demonstrating their lack of faith. We’re supposed to edify one another as Christians, but unfortunately, many “religious” people see one sin better or worse than another.

I’m still looking for more people to interview for my documentary. Right now I am seeking gay males of faith to take part in this powerful documentary. I’m excited to get this out as soon as possible and show the world that there are gays and lesbians of faith! We’re here! We’re not going to be discouraged by your judgmental views and criticisms any longer. With God on our side, who can be against us?

Contact me if you are interested in being part of the documentary, “Gays & Lesbians of Faith”. Interviews are held in NYC and upstate New York. Email me: for more details.


Just_because_today said...

What a contradiction to use the name of God to mistreat others, don't you think? it goes against everything that God is. Brings to mine the 4 kids in NJ starved by a couple of church goers or the man who kidnapped the 11 year old girl and had two kids with her. And the list goes on and on.

It is impossible to have faith and use it to hurt others. Unfortunately, that's what some do in the name of religion.

Sometimes though, I wish we were not tested as hard...;)

Deb said...

I totally argee, JBT... It's sad that religion is used as a weapon at times. I guess without the tests, we don't get to learn our lessons. I'm still learning and have yet to perfect anything. I accept all imperfections, because if I don't, I wouldn't need God. Embrace the tests, as difficult as that may sound... :)

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

This is a wonderful post. I, just the other day received one of those emails that suggest I am a bad person and will God if I did not pass on the email.

I passed it on, but not without noting that I don't believe in a God that will let others fall by the wayside just because I do not forward an email. It is interesting to me the avenues we travel, but somehow don't see.

I have a man that comes to my site now and again that might fit the bill of what you are looking for. He has a site here as well and is a wonderful man. I think he would enjoy talking to you.

His site is www.straight-friendly. His name is Tim.

Good luck with your research.

Soft love,

Deb said...

Inside Our Hands: I don't believe in those chain emails. I read them, take in what I can get, and delete delete delete, because I know many people do not wish to receive chain emails. Thanks for the reference to your blogger friend. I will have to check out his site. I appreciate your visit!

mrwriteon said...

Brilliant post, Deb. You express many of the thoughts that are dear to my heart. I was raised a Christian, but am not a churchgoing one nor, probably, shall I ever be. All churches in my esteem politicize faith. But, my own faith is unwavering.

I like the idea of your documentary and think it is something much needed in terms of enlightenment.

Deb said...

Thanks, mrwriteon! I think people assume that if you don't go to church, that your faith is next to nothing. I also believe it's all about a personal relationship with God. Thanks for the encouragement with my doc---I just want other people to realize that just because we're gay or lesbian does not mean we do not have God in our lives. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Xmichra said...

Wow Deb, I mean.. I understand the message here, but maybe think about what you write too:

``So when people say “scientific evidence leads us to believe (dot dot dot)”, I sort of glaze over them hoping that there are any real signs of an intelligence inside that physical shell of theirs`....

ouch dude. Just because we disagree, doesn`t make us less intelligent, even if science is a core.

I don`t want that to take away from how I felt about the post though. over all, I loved what you wrote, because I do beleive you are a tollerant person and strive to spread tollerance and acceptance. Good on you for that.

Deb said...

Xmichra: No doubt I’m quite opinionated. I know you’re intelligent- that’s a given. It’s the very reason why I put on my bio, ”Content may be controversial and opinionated. An opened mind is required.”

I appreciate you reading my post & letting me know how you feel.

Shadow said...

yet, no matter how long and in-depth this is debated, no one can prove anything either way. so, lets believe what we do, practise it our way, and let that be the end of it?

Grax said...

I realise this might be going off-topic with your message but I was intrigued when you said "So when people say “scientific evidence leads us to believe...”, I sort of glaze over them hoping that there are any real signs of an intelligence inside that physical shell of their". That comment almost implies that you don't believe in every or even ANY scientific theory. Though I may be misinterpreting that.

I would like to know in your opinion if the scientific theory is wrong, what are the alternative theories.

@Shadow I pretty much agree with your comment. After all, life goes on regardless of what we say or do.

Deb said...

Shadow: I totally agree! It's all about faith.
“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe” (Jn. 20:29)

Grax: Oh no, I totally believe in scientific evidence regarding anything of the physical realm -- 3rd dimension, however, I do not believe that science can ever prove spirituality. It's like oil & water ---they do not go together, nor will ever be proven either way. But I rely on scientific evidence for "earthly" matters. I hope that makes better sense. I appreciate you asking me about that to clear it up.

coolingstar9 said...

Yes, all can change for the better. It is so important to learn daily.

Anonymous said...

A great post to read :)

My favourite way of thinking about it (and I'm an aetheist hoping i can find god) comes down to one word.. faith.

Faith means no evidence, that's all there is to it. We wouldn't have to 'believe' in god if there was any way of actually finding him. In the end its about finding faith - the ability to believe without evidence.

I do think it was a bit harsh though to talk about people that look for the evidence as having no intelligence, blessed are those who question and critique :)