Monday, November 03, 2008

In the Gray Area

With Election Day approaching and my mind spinning between political debates and distasteful commercials that each candidate sets forth upon one another, I’m more confused than ever. I thought by now that I would come to a clearer decision of who I would be voting for, but unfortunately it just gets worse and worse and just more confusing. Some say choose the lesser of the evils and others tell me their passionate opinion regarding ‘their guy’.

I’ve been researching, reading and finding things on Youtube (politically and not sifting through personal videos by civilians), and found something that almost made my decision lean more toward one candidate. It may seem idiotic that my vote could have been swayed one way due to the answer Obama gave to Pastor Rick Warren, on the question: “What was your biggest moral failure?”

“I had a difficult youth. My father wasn’t in the house,” the presumptive Democratic nominee answered. “There were times where I experimented with drugs. I drank, you know, in my teenage years. What I traced this to is a certain selfish necessary on my part. I was so obsessed with me…It's not about me.” Obama said, coincidentally paraphrasing the first line of Warren's best-selling "The Purpose-Driven Life." ---read more.

At first, I didn’t realize that Obama was quoting something from Pastor Rick Warren. I have read his book and it didn’t even dawn on me. I was really touched by Obama’s honesty and his ability to reach down to those who can relate and familiarize themselves with a candidate and not just see them as some far fetched political figure who would look down on people due to their past and “moral failures”. I was happy with his answer and even more pleased about the way he had humbled himself in front of millions.

McCain spoke about his failed marriage. Okay, a failed marriage is something to be disappointed about, but is it a moral failure on John McCain’s part? Maybe his first wife was unfaithful? Maybe she was the one who ended the marriage---I’m not sure, but I do know that this “moral failure” that McCain had spoken about dealt with two people. We’re talking about “McCain” and not anyone else. What is “his” moral failure? Hard question for anyone to answer publicly without looking bad. It’s like the inevitable job interview question: “What is something that you need to improve on or see as flaw?” We’re taught in many advice books and websites on how to give the best interview and to answer that question with, “I’m a perfectionist and I’m too hard on myself.”

Beautiful, right?

After the interview between Obama and McCain with Pastor Rick Warren, I was leaning toward Obama, until I found out Obama was trying to ‘pal it up’ by quoting some line in Warren’s book.

"I like that," Warren joked, "I like that."

Of course he did. I know that I’m basing my decision on frivolous interviews, but I’m trying to see their true character and not something that has been rehearsed in front of their mirrors hours before.

I’m not sure if I’m ready for that big of a “change”. I like both of these candidates, yet at the same time I dislike them. I’m confused because every politician lies and there are no guarantees that either one will serve our country better. We can only go on promises made by them and annoying campaign ads that drive us all nuts and has us “snoping” every single claim a each one makes.

I am totally in the middle and need a push in the right direction. If you can explain to me why it is better to vote for a particular candidate due to whatever---anything you feel that is important, maybe my decision will be clearer for tomorrow, otherwise I am not going to be at the polls.

Please help me vote!


Anonymous said...

Please vote for Obama. It's the only hope we have to end the hate they have for us in the US. McCain was asked if he would meet with Zapatero (president of Spain nato allied) and he didn't know who he was. How can we have a president as ignorant as Bush? It's the last chance we americans have to restore our reputation.

Sue said...

Wrong answer anonymous....other countries are counting on Obama becoming president because then they can come here and do whatever they want because our borders will be wide open....attacks will happen....I have found a better option than either the two main characters....Bob Barr, libertarian....he obviously stands little chance but if you want to vote more along your lines...he is great...more of a laissez faire attitude....less government, less people up in MY business.....the constitution is followed and that is what the founding fathers wanted for this country.

Lisa Campagna said...

I hate politics and I'm disgruntled with both parties. My pastor explained it in a way that sits well with me..

Candidates make so many promises about so many issues when they're trying to get elected, and they can't possibly keep all the promises they make. They never do.

Put aside issues and candidates and vote for the party that best matches your own philosophy.

I'm voting Republican, although I'm not a McCain fan and am SO MUCH LESS a Palin fan. There are SO MANY WRONGS in the Republican party (just like the Democratic party) but I'm voting Republican because I believe in small government, less personal dependence on government, and I believe the Republican approach to taxes is more sensible than Obama's/a Democratic policy. (No, I am not a rich person or a big business protecting my interests.) I believe the Democratic philosophy encourages dependence on an unstable government and lessens personal accountability.. This philosophy clashes with my own, so I will not vote for it.

My pastor has a blog and it's an interesting read, if you're so inclined..

I'm not trying to start a fight with anyone who embraces the Democratic party. Democrats embrace some wonderful policies. This is only my opinion.

Good luck, Deb. Politics are such a pain in the butt. I can't wait for the election to be OVER.

Anonymous said...

Why I am voting for Obama:

1.) I want to bring back diplomatic relations with other countries before blowing them up preemptively. I want to feel better about traveling abroad because I currently lack a lot of pride in this country and hope that I can be proud to be from here again.

2.) I disagree with McCain's plan to fix the mortgage crisis by buying the poor performing loans and renegotiating them because it wastes OUR tax dollars to do something that the bank can do on it's own. Esp. when you consider that by the time the loans are cherry picked to be saved the people will have foreclosed already. I am a homeowner and have experience in the mortgage business.
3.) I have no health care at all and Obama's plan to give me access to government provided health care is more appealing then me getting a $5,000 tax credit on the benefits I "already have" through McCain's initiative.

4.) Should the candidate die I would rather have "Joe the Biden" run things then Palin

5.) I do not make over $250,000!! I will not be affected by the small business tax or what is considered upper middle class taxation. And, one day, when I have my own business, I will have a great accountant who will find enough write offs so that I can still reap the benefits, just like people do now and will do always.

6.) Lack of experience is a stupid platform.
a.) George Washington had on the job training
b.) The president is merely the figurehead and has many advisors and rarely acts autonimously regardless of how "mavericky" they are. I think if Obama lacks experience then he is more of a washington outsider and will REALLY "shake things up." Bluntly, I trust who Obama shall appoint to pull the strings.
c.) I am not very experienced, personally, in the fields that I am applying for, in my personal job hunt, but I know I have the ability to do anything and that mentality is not to be underestimated. I have respect for him. I also hope that should he get elected with little experience I can point to him and say well why not me, please hire me, anyone, I am so bored, I taught myself to knit.

7.) Obama picked an appropriate running mate which translates to me as a good first presidential decision.
If McCain thinks picking Sarah Palin was good then I am afraid to see who he picks for his cabinet

I would like to close by also mentioning that I am not stupid enough to vote because of fear that a candidate is trying to put in me to vote their way. Too many times people have voted on fear. With what Joe the Biden said, yes someone will test Obama JUST AS SOMEONE WILL test McCain. He has never been tested as a president so for him to have an ego by saying that no global tragedy will befall him as was predicted for Obama is blind and ignorant. W Bush got 9/11 in his first year....was he untested considering his father was president and he was governor and even had a modest service in the armed forces ANSWER NO!!

The roles of these political parties seem to have shifted in recent times. Republicans are for less government, true, but they flex their muscles and are for more interference abroad in other nations, spreading capitalistic herpes because we are right and everyone is wrong....right?....wrong! Plus lest we forget that they have become the holy molies of the political spectrum with no separation of church and state.

Sure the demos are notorious for spending on social programs and bigger government but I would rather see those billions of dollars spent here then in Iraq where they are prospering economically.

Please note I am a registered Independent and am not affiliated with any religious group although I was forcibly confirmed catholic. Republicans have become to religious for my liking and in my opinion only super rich and/or religious freaks vote that way (it was my first ammendment right to express that but since I really have a heart I apologize for the generalized statement I made which does not affect how good it felt to write that, I have written enough and to truly go into that general statement would be more time consuming)

Thank you
Obama '08

~Deb said...

Thank you, for leaving your input and giving me your thoughts on this. It has helped a great deal.

Can anyone address the issue of national security and safety for our country?

This is a huge concern for me, (as well as everyone), and I want to be sure that the candidate I vote for will ensure this country safety.

What measures are both Obama and McCain putting out there?

Anonymous said...

" think if Obama lacks experience then he is more of a washington outsider and will REALLY "shake things up." Bluntly, I trust who Obama shall appoint to pull the strings."

So having William Ayers and Reverend Wright types running the country will work for you right?

I agree that neither candidate has experience running a country BUT Obama has no experience running anything.....nothing, nada.....he has never done ANYTHING of any significance that makes me want to put my trust in him.....

SOME other foreign figures will want to talk to him sure but they will see quickly how weak he will be on this country's security and that is when things will hit the fan....I believe McCain will be stronger militarily and that this country will be more secure with him behind the wheel although I don't like most of his politics either.

Bush was a screw up.....but I don't think Obama is the way to fix things.....

Anonymous said...

Because someone lacks in experience means they are doomed to failure, where does it say that?? Besides he has distanced himself from Ayers and Wright enough, they are not going to be cabinet members. There is no dress rehearsal for life and we have all made poor associations in our lives but is it fair to associate those people with us forever. No.

Repubicans have done a fabulous job at pegging the Democratic party as weak when it comes to flexing our international muscles. Which perfectly illustrates how they can win on fear alone. "The democrats are too weak and don't know how to handle this and win this war" (to paraphrase that sentiment)

Furthermore, can anyone tell me what constitutes victory in the Iraq war? How will we know we have won? It is so ambiguous as to lessen the blow of failure because no one can define a victory here. Similar wars waged have been the war on drugs and cancer which are endless wars. Warmongers wage such folly.

~Deb said...
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~Deb said...

(Anonymous commenters are generating from my other website on Myspace. I have directed a lot of people here, so if you could, please just initial or make a fake name if you wish to distinguish one person from another....thank you!!!)

Anonymous said...

I never said democrats are weak, I said OBAMA is week....I never said he is DOOMED for failure but really is too much to ask for him to have had SOME experience with responsibility this large -- beyond voting "PRESENT"? When he has to make a decision as president he won't be able to cop out the way he did in the senate....he will to say YES or NO and he was incapable of doing that at least 130 times during his SHORT tenure as is not the democratic party I have a problem with it is for Wright and Ayers....just saying that he is distancing himself proves nothing.....he was a member of that racist Black Theology church for over 20 years....he heard the man speak that crap for just as long....his deniability at this juncture means nothing.....he has aligned himself with racists and terrorists in the past -- it was more than a small past transgression............

Tim said...

TO be honest Deb... after this long of a campaign, I don't think I could write anything hereabout either candidate that you haven't already heard over and over and over. I think you are having an internal struggle that goes beyond following party lines. At this point, I would follow who you believe offers ideas, plans and a philosophy that is similar to how you view our nation.

Good luck with your decision

~Deb said...

I'm just taking all of this in, absorbing it and listening to people now, because I really do want to vote. Thanks to my wonderful readers and friends, they've reiterated why it is so important to vote, but I really do need a push in the right direction here. I feel lost, because it is so confusing. I mean, maybe my vote won't count, or whatever, and it's only "one" vote, but I want to vote passionately, and not because I'm flipping a coin.

I REALLY appreciate everyone's input because I am a total sponge right now.

Thank you!!!


Grant said...

I place more value on how politicians have voted in the past rather than the promises they now make. I like Obama and will be satisfied with him as president, but I voted for McCain due to the times he blew the whistle on both parties for attaching riders to anti-terrorism bills and for criticizing President Bush for his anti gay marriage attempts, saying that was not what the Republican party was supposed to stand for.

A more recent example comes from the e-mails I receive from both parties. When the economic crisis hit, the McCain e-mail said both parties needed to pull together to meet with the president to solve the issue before continuing with the campaign. A day later, Obama's e-mail said they contacted McCain's people (no mention of McCain contacting them first) and claimed it was now more important than ever that America choose the better man for the job. Let's pull together and solve the crisis, or continue the debates because I must win? You decide which was the right call.

Also, if it helps, Obama secretly attends devil worshipping meetings with me and we feast on human flesh. Plus we fight over Asian schoolgirls because, as he puts it, "Italian women are pigs." :p

Sue said...

No vote is a wasted vote - ever -- you have this wonderful right that many of us don't have. Use it. Whichever way you go, you have done your duty by your country. Now, just for giggles check out He is an option. Perhaps not as viable as Obama or McCain but if you do vote for Barr, you have plausible deniability if crap hits the fan for whoever does win. Just as good a reason as using license plates I guess :)

Anonymous said...

Well, for me, I checked out the recommended website of Bob Barr. I noticed him early on in this mess of a race, and now that I too am in the middle of the road, I think I will just stay here and side with Bob Barr. Thanks for the info from this post. NJ girl

Flip Flop Momma said...

Im voting 4 Obama, because I have a brain and I know how to use it...

Jess said...

What is important to me:

I find it quite refreshing to have a younger Presidential candidate. I am approaching my 30's and will be 30 by the time our next President's term has ended. This is the time in life where I am going to be putting up money for retirement (don't get me wrong, I started doing that long ago, but this is the time when I can afford to put more than pennies aside) and it is important to me to know that there is a person not so much older than me that can relate to my struggles.

Secondly, I feel like Obama IS going to spark a change in this country, though maybe not through his political views. First a black president, the next thing you know a gay president. The change he speaks of and the change I see for the long run isn't the same, but it is change nonetheless. Important change at that. I am excited!

As far as topics of war, abortion, gay marriage...those are things that I can give you one answer on - War - time to figure out a way to end this soon. Abortion - Pro Choice, Gay marriage - not concerned as I feel there is a bigger picture involved, such as the right for a significant other to be in the hospital room...though important, not my concern in this election.

I don't expect these things to sway your point of view...but it is all the time I have to write on the subject...gotta get back to work.

SJ said...

Nice new header image.

That pic of McCain going zombie is funny.

Interesting comments some of them I even find funny. :)