Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Life Is But a Dream

“Come with me, let’s go Deb.” An androgynous voice calls out to me.
“I can’t leave here, what if I don’t make it back on time?”
“You must come along now, while we can still go. Come along, Debbie.”
The voice suggests.

Still kept within my body, I wondered how I would manage to get out of this heaviness; this shell that kept me from flying. In an instant, the person with the androgynous voice lifts me up, and holds me securely as we start flying upward. Looking down, I saw my own body sleeping in my bed. I saw Madelene curled up beside me. It had to be close to 3am, and we didn’t have to wake up for another four hours or so.

“I have so much to show you! Let’s go!” The voice said, as we made our way up into the sky. We were flying above the clouds at this point. My body was no longer with me. The heaviness was gone, and I had no pain.

Pain? Yes—pain. It was then I realized that humans, in their physical bodies build up a tolerance to pain. We just don’t know it. For example, let your arm go loose. Ask someone to lift it up. Don’t help them. Your arm is very heavy. Imagine the rest of you? My chest—there’s no pain. Our chest and our diaphragm makes us feel even heavier; forcing ourselves to breathe. Involuntarily, our bodies work at no request, pumping oxygen and blood into our systems. There’s a lot of work involved with being in the physical nature.

Feeling weightless and carefree of worries that rummaged through my mind everyday, I was flying with this androgynous entity. When I looked on the sides of me, I realized it was an angel. It wasn’t anything other than a non-gendered angel. I couldn’t tell if it was male or female. The voice was almost like my own, but with no gender overtone.

“Hang on! There’s just so much I need to show you—we don’t have that much time left!” The angel says, as we swoop down from the clouds, and follow a road that was in the middle of a field. We were out in the Midwest somewhere. It was a paved road with telephone lines going through it. This was amazing. The wind rippled through my ears, as we flew faster, and then went back up to our original level.

Now I saw the world in almost a satellite view. I was lifted to see the United States and part of South America.

“Look, here’s where the problem is going to start. The plague that has already started is going to reach the US. It’ll make its way into California first, reaching down into the Midwest, and eventually to the east coast.” The angel said, pointing to each area he/she was referring to.

This angel was telling me things in the future. Was he/she suggesting that we were going to have a major plague?

I felt my spirit rush me. I can’t explain the feeling, because it’s not of a physical nature—it was about ‘knowing’ more or less.

“I have to go!” I said to the angel. “Send me back! I don’t have much time! I won’t make it if you don’t send me back!” I said, in a frantic attempt for the angel to fly me back home.

I don’t quite remember the trip back, but I do remember the last part of it. I was flying so fast, I could hear that wind through my ears fluttering like a butterfly trying to escape desperately. My soul was like a magnet to my body. I saw the apartment I was living in—went through the ceiling and practically slammed back down into my body.

“GASP!” I woke up, trying to breathe in. It was so hard—the air had a difficult time getting through my windpipes. My body was about to shut down. I knew it. When I landed, I heard the wind in my physical body for just two seconds. I made it just on time.

“You okay, Deb?” Madelene says, as she woke up due to my asthma-like gasp.
“Yeah.” I said. How was I about to tell her what I just went through? Plus, I didn’t want to bother her with my freakish experience.

Was it all but a dream?

This was something that happened in August of 1997. The only one who knew about this "dream" was Madelene. I know people have different views regarding astral traveling and if dreams are really 'just that'.

What do you think?


SignGurl said...

That was intense!

I truly believe that you were visited by an angel. Maybe our dreams are real on some level. Who's to say that they aren't?

My mother always told me that dreams were a way of working through our everyday problems. We might not even be aware of what our problems are, but our dreams can help on some level.

What did Maddie think about this dream?

Grace said...

Wow Deb, the first thing I thought as I was reading through your post was how similar your experience was to that book that I posted about a couple of weeks ago: "Spiritwalker" by Hank Wesselman. The author also got (and still continues to get) a glimpse into the future through spiritual forces. I'm not sure how open your reading schedule is, but if you have the time, read this book!

RC said...

I never dreamed of Angels before, but I do think they exists, and I think your dream really ment something.

Most of my dreams are kinda crazy, like one where I was Spiderman getting chased up the Empire State Building by the Blob, but I got away, fell threw a window, and saw my Parents having sex, while my friend Nadia farting in a closet.

I hope that never comes true!

~Deb said...

I do believe in angels, but this dream felt so real. Now, don't forget, this happened to me back in 1997, so, not sure how accurate the angel's prediction was--but it was definitely a dream I'll never forget...or was it a dream?

Steppin' On Toes said...

I believe in angels too. And maybe it was an inbetween half reality and half asleep. Maybe you're one of those people to be blessed with that ability to see more than with your eyes, but rather with what's inside.

~Deb said...

Or...I need lithium. One or the other.

velvet said...

I astral projected once but couldn't get past the ceiling. Maybe it wasn't a dream.

In the end the truth will be revealed.

I look forward to that.

Wenchy said...

That was very intense. I felt anxious reading it.

I have never dreampt of angels.

:phil: said...

Most of my dreams are greatly influenced by the events of my day. Sometimes I think I try to figure out issues that may have come up, other times I dream of a red car because I remember seeing a red car, no other significance than that (to me). I do believe in a 6th sense kind of thing and I have been tuned into it more over the past 2 years.
Cool, yet slightly frightening
dream you had though ~Deb

green said...

It very well could have been real.

Perhaps that's how John felt as he was having his divinely revealed vision of Revelation or how any biblical charachter felt while having visions and things...

Michelle said...


Incredible story and so well written. I think there are angels out there. I also think we do visit our issues within our own dreams. However, I do believe you experienced something. It sounds amazing and I feel envious because I have never been that in tune spirtually. But look forward to being so one day.

Wonderful, Deb, just wonderful.

Jon said...

"I'll have what she's having."

Very cool "dream" Deb.

Maybe it was a sign that your should move to California to stop the plague from spreading east?

Danielle said...

Wow crazy dream,
I dunno I think dreams stem from or thoughts, whats on our minds, etc and if we ate spicy food before we went to bed! ha!

have a good day deb!!

Leesa said...

Deb: Not sure what to think. Part of me admires you for placing a dream on your blog (I am sure some second year Psych student would pose as a prof and interpret it for you).

Angels are the messengers of God. So does that mean God has your ear? From your other posts, I would think so.

Natalia said...

Beautifully written...I'd like to think there is more out there than we know.


Ddom said...

That's hair raising. I'm not a knowledgeable person when it comes to dream interpretation but I do believe it's our subconscious trying to tell us something.

~Deb said...

Thanks for the comments guys...The reason why I posted this dream, is because I haven't forgotten one detail of what happened in 1997...(whether it was a dream--or not)

I am not sure if it was the spicy food Danielle! haha! Madelene would have kicked me out of the room though- that's for sure!

The reason why it bothers me, is because not one detail left my mind about this dream--and it's been like 7 yrs!

So--I'm not saying it was 'real' and I had an angel come into my room to pick me up...But,....not sure if it was just a dream.

Thanks for making me feel like I'm not a total freak.


Nunzia said...

God, that's a hard one. I've had so many dreams that just freak me out because they seem so real... Guess we'll know someday...

Nunzia said...

p.s. ur not a total freak lol

Oswald Croll said...

Ancient Egyptians and the ancient Chinese used to take drugs to raise themselves into a state that they compared to being dream-like. Now that's some high. However, people have argued that the same state can be produced naturally, through meditation and hypnosis. Just ask Edgar Cayce. Interesting... what if drugs are a way for humans to remove the barriers that keep us from reaching these states naturally?

Bert Ford said...

Congratulations on the dream.
I have been having those types of "Dreams", "Out of Body Experiences", "Astral Travels", Whatever... since I was a child. I've never had a satisfactory explaination of what exactly is happening, I have had people waken me because they thought I was in some sort of physical distress.
I have noticed that they do NOT happen if I have any alcohol or drugs in my system.
I just try to enjoy & learn what I can. The most disturbing aspect of my "dreams" is the intense reality coupled with the inability to physically manipulate objects.
Once I was able to read a letter a friend was writing that actually arrived in the mail a few days later.

~Deb said...

Yeah, dreams can sometimes feel so real. There's so many explanations of why we dream what we do.

Spiritualists and people who claim they astral travel do say to avoid alochol, drugs and caffiene if you want to achieve a state of a higher level. I've been told your system has to be cleaned out in order for those type of things to happen-----(if you believe in that stuff) I do, and then sometimes I have my doubts--but hopefully it is from a 'good source' and not something of a negative nature.

Bert--that's incredible about the letter that you were actually able to read. Did you read the letter in a dream? THAT you should blog about!!!

What do you think about communication through astral with loved ones who are still alive? Another topic I should bring to the table---but a little "out there"--huh? *heh*

Thanks for your comments!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Was it all but a dream? We'll know when a plague hits us, I guess. But I do believe in predictive dreams. Someone very close to me has them.

Anonymous said...

thats interesting! maybe it wasn't a dream... i do believe anything is possible. i know my dad had an outer body experience where he said he was floating above in the bedroom looking down at my mom and well, it scared him so much, he jolted back in his body and woke gasping too! i don't know what it was all about, but he had sleeping problems (maybe this attributed to it?) and now wears this face mask thingie hooked up to a machine when he goes to bed. thankfully, you don't need that! hehe.. ~tress

Anonymous said...

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