Sunday, August 21, 2005

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to yooooouuuu...
Happy birthday dear Dawn...
Happy birthday to you!!!!

It’s my sister’s birthday. No, I can’t reveal her age, even though she is in her early twenties, (hehe) … Dawn’s my oldest sister. She basically brought me up while I was a baby. She would crawl into the crib with me to stop me from crying, she would feed and change me- she was like a mother to me. Now she is one of my best friends, just like my other two older sisters are. All of them are unique, different, and special in their own ways. All of them are my best friends.

Dawn is married and has a child who is similar to me. She is reliving the whole ‘mother’ thing all over again. Sometimes, Dawn will call out, “Debbie!”---when she actually means to call for her daughter, Sophia. If Sophia is going to be anything like me, Dawn’s got a lot of work ahead of her when the teen years abrupt.

I appreciate everything Dawn has done for me. She has given me encouraging words when I was down, she has giving me wonderful advice with my life, and has helped me get some terrific jobs. Dawn was very accepting when I came out and told her I was gay. This didn't change her view one bit, in fact, she would come out with me to the gay clubs to go dancing, and mingled with everybody--without feeling uncomfortable. She is truly an incredible woman.

Happy birthday Dawn!