Thank You, Mom…

Straight from the agonizing breech birth that you endured with me, you and I are not supposed to be here right now. But here we are, best friends, still enjoying life together and always there for one another for anything. Thank you for choosing to have me. After 7 years of having 3 girls, you could have just "deleted" me. You didn't. You could have had your life back, without another kid latching onto your apron strings. You chose to keep me, even when I was a bit of an 'oops'. Thank you.

Between scrapes and bruises to slicing raw potato slices for my puffy-cried-out eyes, all because someone broke my heart, you always healed me and bandaged me up. Thank you.

Between teaching me how to ice-skate on the pond, and afterwards taking me out to that Polynesian restaurant chatting over a pu pu platter, I leaned in and told you, "Mom, this is the best day of my life!" -Thank you.

Between endless after school activities and religion classes, to trudging along and going to my stupid field trips because I was too scared to go somewhere else without you, thank you.

Between being so open-minded about how I loved dressing like a boy and allowing me to dress that way in school, to supporting me when I finally told you what you already knew:

"Mom, I'm gay."
"I know."

Thank you.

When I came home from school, I would open the door to my bedroom to find that it was cleaned, polished, vacuumed and the bed was just immaculate, as if I were in a five star hotel. Only thing missing were mints on my pillow. You worked so hard on that house and still do. Thank you.

Every. single. fricken. day, there was a different meal on the table for the family. You not only shopped, but you would come home, clean and cook your butt off for a family of six. Thank you.

Sunday dinners. My GOD -- thank you.

Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, Easter, 4th of July and Thanksgiving - you gave me memories that will last me till I'm 120 years old. You set up every single holiday so perfectly. Thank you.

You taught me about God, about Jesus, about my faith. I never lost it and it only gets stronger because you also still believe. Thank YOU for the biggest gift you could have ever given me.

Working together at the pizzeria was fun. We'd trek over to the workers' bungalows who were all from Mexico. Fresh homemade enchiladas over a fire pit, tequila and dancing. Boy, did we have fun. That was the first time you hung out like that with me. Thank you.

Removing a 400 lb ATV off of me when I fell off that small cliff into that marshy area couldn't have been easy and nearly impossible for you to have known because it was too far away. Half my face was sinking into the mud and my ankle was against the hot exhaust pipe. I almost died. Whether divine intervention or just mother's intuition, thank you.

Home remedies:
  • A meatball for my headaches (or any ailment)
  • Homemade chicken soup when we were sick
  • Blackberry brandy for my menstrual cramps
  • Dragging me into the steam room when I had croup cough or asthma attacks
  • Patting my back when I had chest pain (gas) or throwing me a cold beer to get rid of it (ha) 
  • Scotch for a toothache…or any ache

Thank you.

While waiting for me to get through my icy commute from work on my birthday you set up a cozy fire and a spectacular dinner on the table for me. You were so worried. I was a wreck. Drinks were also waiting. Thank you.

From all the vacations you brought me to, and all the ones that I was able to bring you on in return - we always had such a blast, even if it rained all week and even if you woke up 4am to make coffee. I wouldn't have had it any differently. Thank you.

You never judged me, always loved me. You stuck by me through everything I went through, because you went through it with me. You taught me about life through your own life. Not many people can 'talk the talk' and then 'walk the walk'. That's huge.

You taught me how to cook and entertain guests. You taught me about social etiquette, to say "please" and "thank you" and to be good to other people to the best of my ability.

You gave me my three other best friends: my sisters. I love them more than anything. Thank you.

And now, here we are still going through so many things together as a family. You make me laugh all the time. Remember what you said to me when I was younger about finding a soul mate? You said, "If they can make you laugh, they're a keeper."  Well, I think this applies to you too, because I've never laughed so hard with someone before. You're definitely a keeper!

I just want to say, I love you, Mom. I remember every single thing you've done for me and our family. Without you - I'm lost. You make my life worth living. I look forward to seeing you every single day. From the endless hunts for your toaster to shuffling through aisles of the dollar stores, I always have fun with you.

You're my best friend.

I love you.

Happy Mother's Day…

Did I say, thank you…?

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