Little Home Remedies & Tricks to Enhance Your Life

I always have these little things that I do that people are always like, "I never knew that!" And usually, it really works. So I decided to do a fun little post about my little habits and what works for me health-wise and spiritually as well. Hope this helps you too! You may have already heard of some of these, but I live by these religiously.

  • Sprinkle some cinnamon in your coffee. It's not only delicious, but it lowers your blood sugar.
  • When ordering a new drink at the bar, ask the bartender to put it in the same glass. Your ice is officially seasoned and will taste much better. (Bartending experience.) 
  • Render bacon fat and always use it when frying eggs. burger or steak in the pan. Trust me. 
  • Include avocados when eating eggs of any style -- it will fill you up until later afternoon or even dinner. 
  • For a hangover, especially for an upset stomach, take a probiotic with 2 billion active cultures. 
  • Add 2-3 drops of vodka in your ear if you have a wax buildup. It's an antiseptic. 
  • Don't speak bad about anyone for 1 week. Try 2 weeks. Try 1 month. See how you feel. 
  • When you're super stressed out, hop onto Pandora and add the "Today's Comedy" channel, or watch any favorite stand up comic - it'll make you feel so much better. Laughter's the BEST medicine. 
  • When making veggies of any kind, whether organic or frozen, use your regular seasonings and then add some parmesan cheese and mix it up. Not only does it disappear, but your guests will ask, "How did you make these???" It'll be gone in seconds. (Psst --- people do that for dog's food when they're stubborn and won't eat. Minutes later --- gone.) 
  • If you have a dog, make sure that dog sleeps with you. Get over your OCD manias. It'll give you peace. 
  • Freeze white and red grapes. Then, when serving wine, use the appropriate grapes for each glass. 
  • Burgers taste better in a pan. BBQ's just suck the juice right outa' them. 
  • Sleep apnea? Pop a Halls lemon & honey cough drop. It'll lube your tubes so they don't get stuck. 
  • Sore throat? Do a shot of vodka. It's an antiseptic and soothes it. 
  • Lime juice takes away the alcohol taste. This is very dangerous though, especially if you're drinking a fruity drink. 
  • You need to buy baby wipes…even if you don't have babies. 
  • If you never told a certain relative before that you love them, tell them, and watch how your relationship blooms even more so. 
  • When making a nice linguini/spaghetti dish, for the final touch, add fresh basil to the top -- not only is it a garnish but it's extra delicious. 
  • Use basil in your vodka & club to give it a little zest of a mojito-like taste. Basil and mint are in the same family.
  • Have a cold? Add fresh fruit to any vodka drink, especially citrus. It doubles the amount of vitamin C. Although alcohol will deplete you of vitamins, if you drink it with vitamins, it does the complete opposite. Got this sweet info from a doctor and it totally works! 
Good luck & enjoy! 

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