How Offensive, Katy Perry!

Seems as though Katy Perry’s performance wasn’t appreciated by parents who took a peek at the “revealing” dress she had on while dancing with the handsome red-headed Elmo. The production company pulled it off after receiving numerous complaints by outraged parents. Are you kidding? Her dress wasn’t anymore revealing than what children are wearing today. In fact, if you head over to the public pools or the beaches, you’ll find worst case scenarios. Will these parents hide their children’s eyes forever? Will they place two eye patches on them in public, in fear of what’s to be seen out there in this big scary world? Get over it.

In fact, earlier cartoons and kids’ shows displayed even more revealing outfits by some of their characters, yet no complaints have been reported. Characters such as, Belle from Beauty & the Beast, Snow White, Smurfette and oh, the ever so sexy Jessica Rabbit. If we’re going to get super conservative, then stop bringing your children to beaches and have them wear full wet suits while swimming. These parents seem to want to flip back time and live like the Amish. In fact, if you’re that concerned, let your kids play with the children that live in the Hasidic communities. I have seen their children and women dress even more revealing at times. It just never ends. When will we stop being so offended and outraged by showing a little skin? It's a huge honor to even have Katy Perry even think about hopping onboard Sesame Street in the first place.

Here's the highly offensive video. Please send your kids out of the room while viewing this.

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