(The photo above was taken with my phone cam at the park where I walk.)
It’s been a fun couple of weeks, between more job offerings/projects, better weather and best of all, finding an exercise routine that I’m absolutely excited about. I first started out by walking three miles one day. I decided to make that my an absolute must on a daily basis. Then one day, it stepped up to five miles. Mind you, I’m not running or even jogging, just walking. I prefer to walk outside, since the weather is beautiful. Madelene comes with me when she’s off or sometimes, I’ll go by myself or just use my treadmill, which isn’t the same as walking on the pavement with hills. I was doing it more for my heart health, when I realized my pants were starting to fall off and I needed a belt. YAY! I then risked the ultimate let down by trying on a dress jacket that I haven’t worn in about three years. In fact, the jacket used to be so tight, that I couldn’t even put the buttons together, no less get them remotely close. I just kept insisting I had a “big chest”. I tried it on. All of the buttons closed with ease! My doctor told me to go by my pant and dress sizes, not by the scale.

Yesterday, I went to go see my personal trainer that has helped me in the past. We talked about another ten sessions, but I thought to myself: I know every single routine she has taught me, why can’t I just apply them instead of shelling out $500 bucks to be shuffled into some gym room with onlookers watching every single move I make? The hardest part of not having a trainer in the process of getting healthier is, some days you don’t want to exercise. For me, I need constant music and my iPod from a few years ago has died out. I’ve been using my little Macbook, placing it on top of my treadmill and using the internet for my tunes. Walking the five miles out in the park isn’t a big deal because my mind is occupied, there are people to watch and if someone is there with me, at least I can have a conversation. For me, exercising on a treadmill or in the gym is. absolutely. boring.

There is no way I am going on a “diet”. That’s just an evil word altogether. I have tweaked my intake a bit, but not much. For instance, during the weekdays, instead of cooking a steak or overloading in carbs for dinner, I’m trying to incorporate more greens and fish into my diet. Instead of drinking beer, I opt for the wine or a vodka and club. Vodka and club is only 30 calories and the red wine is about 125, however the heart health benefits are worth it. (Moderation always.) I’ve been taking B12 tabs and after a hard workout, instead of Gatorade, I replenish myself with water and a chocolate milk. Believe it or not, chocolate milk is suggested after a hard workout because it has more vitamins, nutrients and the sugars you need for replenishing tired muscles. I never knew this before. ---read more here.

The first week I was extremely achey, but for the first time in a very long time, I feel ALIVE. I’ve been sleeping like a baby and my energy levels are through the roof. I’m excited about this and I hope that I continue to be excited. Sometimes my motivation fizzles out on me due to boredom. But seeing that I am going down in sizes, I keep that in mind and also keep in mind that I want to live longer so I can annoy Madelene when I’m old and gray.

If you have any tips or have had a successful weight loss story, please feel free to share it with me. I would love for someone to inspire me with a great story or a few tips that they can share so I can keep focused and motivated.