Project Implicit

Last night I was watching CW11 news. Mind you, it’s my least favorite of the bunch, but at 10pm I like to sit there and watch mindless news chatter and hear the weather for the next day. While listening to them go on and on about nothing and everything, they bring up this test that determines if you’re vote is based on prejudiced issues. Harvard University came out with the IAT (Implicit Association Test). Many Caucasian people who took the test favored those who are of European descent and those who were African American mostly favored their region as well. A few were quite moderate and in between – which is better for our voting system of course.

I wrote about this on another site, but think about this: how many people will chant, “OBAMA” and then go behind the curtains and vote for someone else due to racial factors? I think many people want to be open and want to vote for anyone who is “qualified”, but studies have shown that this isn’t the case. What we see everyday may be based on how vote. Look at me: I usually vote more conservative because my surroundings, my world, my entire being is guided by my faith in God. If any candidate is wishy-washy about his faith in God or the lack of a certain religion, or the doubt I have about it- I will not vote for them. I’d rather a Christian be in office. That’s just me. Is it because I’m prejudiced? I don’t think so, but my study concluded that I favored “Jigglypuff”. Go figure it out and see where you stand.

Take the test. I dare ya!
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