Defining My Best Friend

A companion. Someone you can rely on in good times and bad. Someone who looks through your human flaws, idiosyncrasies and sees the soul of who you are and doesn’t count every mistake you have made. It’s someone who forgives, but most of all, is able to forget and move forward…with you. It’s the person you go to with your deepest secrets and the knowledge that it stays between you and that person. It’s someone who can identify with you, even if they disagree with what you’re saying. It’s the one person who would drive through a hurricane just to be with you only if for just a few hours. It’s the person you can sit in a comfortable silence with. This person will always edify you and lift your spirits up, not tear them down. You can always be reassured that outward appearances are superficial to them; it’s the heart, the soul and the love in your heart that matters the most. This person will provide an atmosphere of love, compassion, loyalty, friendship and safety for you.

This person is the only one you would go the distance for. It’s the one person that’s embedded deep within your heart. When you hear the word “trustworthy”---this is the first person that comes to mind. The laughter you share is like no other. The inside jokes and little secret understandings are what makes your friendship that much more special. It’s sharing with family and friends; it’s letting them become your family and who you are. The differences between the two of you should unite the bond even more so, therefore allowing you to grow and learn together and not having predictability. It’s hours over coffee talking about everything and anything and not realizing how much time has passed.

You never stop learning about one another. Never, should the words, “Oh I know him or her” come out of your mouth; you should be able to know there is so much more to them. Once you quit learning about them, admitting knowledge of the full person, the relationship may take a downward spiral. It’s never giving up on one another. It’s being able to critique without belittling. We all need honesty.

Honesty. Vulnerability. Unconditional love, to the extent of what a human being is capable of. That, to me, is what a best friend should be.

I have this in you, Madelene.
11 more days till we say our vows and continue sharing our lives together. I can't wait! I love her more each passing day!