People Suck

Have you ever been used by somebody you cared about--not even necessarily relationship-wise, but used in the terms of them taking advantage of your good nature? We’re supposed to give without expectations and expect nothing more than a ‘thank you’ or some sort of appreciation. But what if that appreciation isn’t reciprocated or acknowledged? It shouldn’t matter, right? But, deep down inside, we feel this horrible twinge of sadness, because we've done so much for this person and we didn’t even get an acknowledgment. What’s an acknowledgement? Maybe it’s just a “thank you”. Or maybe, it’s some sort of gesture to indicate that it was needed; a sigh of relief.

I was really hurt by a friend today. I feel bitter. I feel used. I feel all these negative things that I want to get out of my system. I hate feeling this way. I want to understand “why”, but sometimes, there are people out there that are brought up differently, or they don’t have it in their hearts to realize what they’re doing to others.

So, right now, I feel like I’m done trying to give give give to this one person who needed help. I’m tapped out. I’m tapped out of sympathy, compassion and understanding right now. I really feel bad and it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. It’s going to be hard to let somebody “in” again.

Have you ever experienced being used before? Even if it was just for your time and patience---just listening to them when they cried over the phone about their debts, their heartaches or other problems they may have been having. Did you ever find yourself giving them gifts just to cheer them up or writing them a little friendly note just to let them know how special they are and then get slapped right back in the face again?

I don’t understand people sometimes. Maybe you can enlighten me… I feel like I’m being intolerant. Yes---intolerant to other people’s behaviors. Is it me?

Maybe you can help me see it differently...