Hell On Earth?

Sometimes I wonder if I’m living it: hell on earth. Other times, I feel like God’s on my side. Some say that hell is a compilation of depression, anxiety, anger, pride, lust and pain. Doesn’t that fit the description of life here on earth? We all go through depressive states, anxiety of different forms, and other things that we can all relate to. There are people who believe that life here on earth is hell. Of course this goes against what I believe in, however, I feel that evil is much more prominent than 'good' here on earth. There are many people who insist that there can’t possibly be a God with all these bad things happening in our world. I can see their why they think that, but I also know what I feel to be true.

Enslavement to sin: human nature and human desires. How do we manage to be perfect? Perfection is only seen in Christ, Jesus. We can’t possibly live up to His perfection, however they do tell us that we can try to be more like him the best we can. How do we know when we’re doing “enough”? Whose idea on “enough”…is enough? Who can judge what is “enough”? Each person holds their own cross to bear; their own favorite deadly sin. Pick one, pick two, pick all seven of them if you want. Aren’t there more sins then just the seven deadly ones? The Ten Commandments are to be kept and followed too. Then you have all of the ‘in between’ types of sins. The 'gray area' sins. So many sins, so little time here on earth.

If we were baptized from the original sin and believe that Christ died for all of our past and present sins, then aren’t we forgiven for everything? If we don’t have “evil intentions” with an evil heart, then are we even sinning at all if it’s all out of human nature? I sometimes write about how some people take for granted the death of Jesus and what it stood for. For instance, if we fully believe that Jesus died up on the cross, then why do some Christians feel that the old law still exists? It was abolished when Christ died up on the cross, as it says so in the bible.

Back to my main question: are we choosing to live in a temporary hell, just because some Christians make other people feel guilty about being human? Or do you feel that our human nature- our animalistic instincts, even if we love God, will still validate our ticket into eternal damnation?