Virginia Tech

I have to say, I feel sick about this whole Virginia Tech tragedy. I can’t even imagine what these students are going through—even if they weren’t there at the time. How do they return to school? How are they handling all these overwhelming emotions? What about the absolute nightmare of the families who’ve lost loved ones in this senseless chaos? It affects us. It literally saddens us, scares us and brings us back to reality that anything can happen at any given time- just like that! How can someone be driven to shoot 32 people? How can someone be driven to shoot a person at all? Why are people killing one another?

“Well he was a loner.” I still don’t get it. So this ‘loner’ was angry at the world. How does killing 32 people, plus himself, accomplish anything that he wanted to change? Maybe he couldn’t change his situation? They said he was in love with one of the girls that he shot dead. Maybe the love wasn’t reciprocated, so he needed to take action, but how does killing her give him a chance? How does killing everyone around him give him a chance for a better life? Or did he just give up? He did. It’s too late, and he can never turn back.

What goes through the mind of a murderer? You see crimes of passion- people killing their lovers. Why? If you love that person, how can you think about hurting them? It’s not love then, in my opinion. Is there a fine line between love and hate? Do we hate the people we love and love the people we hate? It’s crazy. Forensic scientists and psychologists try to reason and draw conclusions to the mind of a madman.

Revenge they say. But these innocent people didn’t do anything to this kid. It was reported that Cho Seung-Hui, the kid who went on the killing spree, left a very angry note in his dorm room. They didn’t read it on television, however they did say that he was very upset over rich people. So did jealousy rear its ugly head? He was upset over the woman in his letter. So, again, does it all boil down to jealousy and resentment? Everyone else has everything except him. Was that the way he thought?

What I really wonder is, what was his last thought before taking his own life? Was he satisfied with what he had done? Or did he look around and really see the mental illness involved in this shooting?

God bless the family and friends who have to live with this horrific memory and image in their minds. Cho Seung-Hui killed more than 32 people, he killed the spirits of many people yesterday. I hope everyone rests in peace and may Cho Seung-Hui be forgiven…which is the hardest thing anyone can do at a time like this. I think God is the only one capable right now.