Can You Believe This Crap?

As low as the price of coffee, you could estimate $100 for ten cups. If it wasn’t bad enough that Starbuck’s charges us $5 bucks a cup, we now have coffee that sells for $10 dollars, and you don’t get the bells and whistles like you do at the gourmet shop. It’s just a plain cup of black coffee.

What makes these beans so special? The process of how it’s brewed. No, not the coffee brewing type- the digestive brewing type. Let me explain. If you haven’t heard about this until now, very bored people discovered a new way to drink coffee. It’s called “Kopi Lowak”. The Kopi in Indonesia translates to “coffee”. The way these beans get processed is through a cat’s digestive system. No, I’m not lying. The cat literally has to digest the beans, and then crap it out in order for you and everyone else to get freshly ‘brewed’ coffee.

I’ve seen this on the Travel Channel a few times about different cultures and gourmet coffees. Now it’s all the rage in New York and other major cities. My question is, who thought of this? Who sat there and said, “Hmm, my coffee would taste so much better if my cat crapped it out!” Isn’t fecal matter full of bacteria? So the coffee may not be so good in Indonesia, but get it imported then! For the love of God, why would anyone drink this coffee?

Let me ask all you cat lovers and veterinarians and vet techs this question. What about the risk of getting toxoplasmosis? If a cat ingests infected meat of any kind, most likely, we’ll develop that disease too, right? Toxoplasmosis is generally contracted by cat feces. It plagues humans as well by eating raw or undercooked meat. The risk of eating spinach or any produce for that matter is high, no less tainted meats. Now we want to venture over to the cat’s anus for some fresh brewed java.

Talk about coffee that tastes like shit!