Baby It's Cold Outside!

It’s one of those days where the news guy is telling us, “Don’t go out there today! It’s going to be the coldest day in years!” Fine. I’m staying put. No one go to work or do any errands today! Do not go out to get your mail and do not even attempt to open your door if someone’s on the other side. We have to protect ourselves here.

If anyone is going to make a huge fricken deal about the weather, it’s the news. They want “big news” and they want everyone to know…you’re in it! Most people tune into the news just to hear the weather if it’s bad outside. The newscasters seem to hype it up a tad and make a fiasco out of it. “Blizzard conditions” and “wind chill” are exaggerated terms in order for the viewer to go, “Ooooh, wow!” What about the “heat index”? Another exaggerated term for telling the temperature. As a matter of fact, the newscasters don’t even bother telling you the temperatures anymore. They just hop on the screen and tell you the heat index or the wind chill temps. It’s kind of funny. And yes, I do realize that the wind chill and the heat index does make it ‘feel’ worse, but it’s just kind of funny how they have forgotten the exact temperature is all.

Then you have Mr. G. In New York and surrounding areas, we have this channel called CW11 formally WPIX. Mr. G is the weather man. In my opinion, he was bumped from being the sport’s guy and found himself doing the weather. He sounds like a football commentary when giving details about our local forcast.

“Anddddd we’re gonna swing over to Brooklyn!!! Who do ya’ know in Brooklynnnn??? Winds reaching up to 50 mph—that’s a record for this year! You won’t believe when we shuffle it back over to New Brunswick---major winds creating - and you won't believe it - tornadooooosssss!!!”

I couldn’t find a better clip, but you can kind of see how he is in this one video. (Never mind the pointed out racial slur.)