Raw Emotions

They say an artist’s best work is through their sadness. Raw emotion bring out the best in art, music as well as writing. From either spectrum (happy to sad) extreme emotions can manifest itself into beautiful projects. I believe we go through certain situations in our life, so we can experience different things. Vincent Van Gogh went through a rough situation that led to his death. The painting he did right before he died, “Starry Night” has a lot of significance to it. That painting was out of raw emotion.

In my own life, I produced many artistic things while in the state of depression. I wrote many lyrics and composed music. I photographed things that were beautiful to me and framed them. Some sold, some didn’t. Still, they had significant value to me. I set all my photographs up in my studio and office to remind me of all the things I love the most. Through a rough break up, I wrote a book. I never thought in a million years I would write a book. Me? What would I have to say about anything? My experiences led me to write about a lot and helped many people suffering from what I went through. I was grateful that I had the help of God, while writing my book that I published.

People places and things. Those three ingredients are what trigger memories into our file cabinets of our mind.

People: We love, cherish and hold them dear. Some make us angry, some make us bitter and sometimes we hold resentment. So many emotions can be held for each individual.

Places: We remember the places which we hold many memories. We remember places we were happy at, or places we were sad at. We remember the places that trigger anger and bitterness. There are places in our minds which bring back traumatic memories. Some places bring out the happiest times, and we can't help but smile when we think back on it.

Things: Precious gifts and things that remind us of ‘a time when’. The sentimental value of an object is more dear to your heart than the worth or cost of the item. Think of a special person in your life who gave you a piece of jewelry or a gift that you hold close to your heart. It’s not about how much it costs; it’s about the love and thought that went into it.

I guess that’s where I am right now. I haven’t been blogging much. I’ve been working on other projects due to my ‘raw emotions’. I’m hoping to draw closer to God, create some beautiful work, as well as heal myself (with God’s help) in the process. No one ever said life is easy, but I believe for each circumstance and each situation, creates a new opportunity for a path that’s different.

My favorite quote ever:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~Albert Einstein