Noticing the Little Things In Life

Fumbling out of my covers, I bumped my head into the nightstand. It hurt. Bad. What time is it? Where am I? Then I heard the remaining echoes of the man behind the bar screaming last call. I believe I made arrangements to go to Atlantic City with a couple of old friends of mine. I hate Atlantic City, but these girls are fun. They gave me their phone number, email addresses and what not, written on just a napkin. I think I lost it. I may have thought it was just that—a napkin. God knows what I did with it. I needed to reconnect with people and get my head out of the fog it was stuck in. Sitting at home wasn’t going to make anything better. But I’m not sure sitting at the bar made a difference. After five beers, five shots of whatever they were serving for my friend’s birthday and another beer ‘to go’, I had my fill. Amy and I headed off to the diner to grab a bite and have some coffee.

I’m trying my best to remain sober, this way my head is clear. Sometimes when I drink, my mind gets fuzzy, and I’m indecisive. My ability to make decision goes right out the door. I’m confused and baffled over everything and anything. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not quitting the booze, I’m just cutting back. Ketel One is in the near future.

So here’s something I learned while dining out and having a few cocktails last night. In the ladies’ room, and I am not exaggerating here—I repeatedly saw women picking their teeth in the mirror, and not washing their hands. Not only that, but even when they came out of the stalls, they just primped, picked their teeth, fixed their hair, and out the door they went. What is happening to women lately? Are they so far off from OCD, that the fear of germs isn’t an issue? I feel bad for whoever they’re with. I had to take a double take. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And, not for nothing, but these women were gorgeous. These women were the type of women you would be proud to bring out. I wonder how many of my previous dates did this.

Okay picture it. It was a Sunday evening, and Amy and I drove downtown to grab a Starbuck’s. As I was parked on the other side of the street waiting for Amy to come walking out with our café mochas, I was fixated on watching this girl furiously flossing in her rearview mirror. I mean, this girl was really getting the crap out of her teeth—she was totally cleaning house! She had just walked out of a Chinese restaurant. I could only imagine the cuisine she had there---ribs, chicken wings, and some other carcass she was gnawing on. Then, her girlfriend walks out of the restaurant, and hops into her car. The first girl gives her a string of floss—like it was nothing. They both start flossing frantically in their visor mirrors now. The light in the car was on too! I mean, these two girls didn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone seeing them. It was so gross. And the saddest thing about this story is...they were so hot. Such a shame.

I found yet another bad habit that people do while eating wings or other finger foods at the bar. They lick their fingers. I don’t care what you say—it’s gross. Yeah yeah, they wipe their hands off with their napkins. No. It’s just uncalled for. If I ever caught someone doing that in my presence, I'm calling them on it. I don’t care. It must have been last week sometime. This girl was across the bar eating hot wings. Okay, they’re a bit saucy. We all know wings are a bit messy sometimes. But she was sucking her fingers in almost an obscene manner. She didn’t care who was looking or who was grossed out by this—she just kept on licking. Shut it all you pervs.

You know how many unused wet wipes were sitting at that bar? And no one used them! Just think about this… The next time you’re out with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, take notice. They may be ‘one of them’…and we may not realize their habits. Luckily, I have the ability to share the restroom with my significant other, only because we’re both females. But just think about your mate not washing their hands after hitting the loo, and placing their paws on you.

If you happen to get OCD from reading this post, it’s only for your protection. Be well…and have a great weekend!