It Is You I Miss (By Madelene)

It's funny how my thoughts so easily wandered to the time we went to one of our several favorite places, that rustic bar and the quaint surroundings. As we walked around with our gourmet coffees in hand, it rained with a vengeance. We started to run about, looking for shelter, and you noticed a perfect spot under the open air wooden stairwell, where we hid. Leave it to you to find an intimate and cozy spot for us. It came natural to you. We laughed so hard as we ran, hand in hand, we nearly dropped our coffee. You and I love the rain so much, every time it rains, we give each other a sly, knowing look, it was our time to relax and enjoy each other. My senses miss your scent...your It is you, I miss.

On the days I gladly called in sick, I would reach for you, hold you close and your body would warm quickly. Naturally, we would be blissfully sleeping so deeply, it was divine. I still smell the scent of your skin, so close to me. It's you, I miss.

We would chat up a storm and I would watch you as your beautiful face would light up, and your eyes danced as you conveyed your thoughts to me so easily. I was enthralled. As I am still. On Sundays, you would wake up with your soft and inviting tresses tied back, I couldn't help but stare at you. You took my breath away. It's you I miss.

It was always very easy for me to answer your questions without twitching. I think it was I that made you twitch. It was "our" weekend. Our weekends were the most important time of the week for me. It was our time. Time to be the only two people on the planet without intrusion. Precious time with you. It's you I miss.

After one of our many adventures out on the town, we would continue the party in the car with the music blaring, singing and laughing ourselves into an asthma attack. Then when we arrived home we'd pump up the volume on XM and dance with each other 'till we dropped. Then, of course, was the AFTER party. It's you I miss.

You are my love, we are two parts that make a complete whole. I have cried until I'm physically wasted and unable to render anymore sad water from these eyes. I feel an intense pain in the center of my being and the ache is deep and never-ending. What's going on? I have always considered myself blessed and fortunate to share my life, my love, myself with you. You ARE the best.

Slowly, you became overwhelmed and I could do nothing but watch as you distanced yourself from me. I am sure I was a pain to live with at times. I do apologize to you, the woman I love. I am still taken aback, as we have always been each others sanctuary. Where is my life partner, my lover, my best friend? I am shaken to the core. It is you, I miss.

I have always had a fondness for a intimate, tranquil fog because we would revel in it and each others presence. This is the one patch of fog I wish would make its way out to sea. If time will make things clearer, then so be it. It is you, I miss.

A post dedicated to Madelene in August of 2005.