Please Won't You Be...My Neighbor?

It’s been a crazy week full of events. I haven’t been blogging much, however, there was one event I had to share with the rest of the world. As I have posted many times, my father is not so close with his neighbors. They irritate him…errr…or….he irritates them. Who knows. Anyway, Sunday morning, while we were all hungover, trying to recoup from Saturday’s party at my friend's house…I heard a sound coming from the backyard. Little recap of what’s been happening around the neighborhood... Our house has this amazing view of the mountains and lake nearby. The trees that are surrounding my neighbor’s house is obstructing our view. Now, the trees are on ‘our’ side, so my father asked them politely (I think) to trim them, or remove them. They never responded—or responded fast enough. Dad always went on and on about this; threatening them till the very end.

"If dey' don't trim their God damn trees, den' I'm gonna do dis' my way!"

My dad took it into his own hands. In this footage below, is my father trekking down our lawn, over to the neighbor’s yard to tear down these trees that are in the way of our view. Funny thing is, after he removed them, he didn’t realize that there were many trees down below the valley that is obstructing the view as well. His luck! Please turn up your sound to hear the appropriate song that goes with this. I have to thank Amy for taking this footage and placing the song that goes with it!

The guy that comes walking up behind my dad is his little 'watch out' in case something should go wrong. He looks a little nervous though, doesn't he?